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1945 October 30


Typed, twelve-page draft index of the personal narratives by appointed personnel staff members at Rohwer Relocation Center.

Biographical/Historical Note

After the bombing of Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941, President Franklin D. Roosevelt signed Executive Order 9022, creating the War Relocation Authority (WRA). The WRA selected ten sites in which to imprison more than 110,000 persons of Japanese ancestry, over two-thirds of whom were American citizens. Two of these centers were in the Arkansas Delta, one at Rohwer in Desha County, and the other at Jerome in sections of Chicot and Drew counties. Over 16,000 Japanese Americans were incarcerated in these two centers between October 1942 and November 1945.


United States
Department of Interior
War Relocation Authority
McGehee, Arkansas

Austin Smith, Jr.- Reports Officer
Reports Division

Period Covering
October 27, 1942- December 31, 1945

This is an Index to the Personal Narrative Reports of
designated Appointed Personnel staff members of Rohwer Relocation
Center. References for locating subject-headinds are made by
indicating the author, title of the report, and the page of the
report on which the item is located. For example:

Bin cards.........Updegraff, Sup, 4

is the be interpreted as follows: On page 4 of Mr. Updegraff's
Personal Narrative Report on Supply Section is found a description
of "Bin Cards" and their use.


Agri --- Agriculture Section
Com Act --- Community Activities Section
Com Anal --- Community
Com Mgt --- Community Management Division
Educ --- Education Section
Engr --- Engineering Section
Evac Prop --- Evacuee Property Section
Fisc --- Finance Section
Health --- Health Section
Int Sec --- Internal Security Section
Legal --- Legal Division
Mess --- Mess Operations
MT&M --- Motor Transport and Maintenance Section
Off Ser --- Office Services Section
Oper --- Operations Division
Pers --- Personnel Management Section
Proc --- Procurement Unit
Proj Dir --- Project Director
Reloc --- Relocation Division
Rep --- Reports Division
Stat --- Statistics Section
Sup --- Supply Section
Wel --- Welfare Section

Administrative policy, changes suggested

all-Caucasian Internal Security Dept... Clayton Int, Sec, 2
all-Caucasian teaching staff... Thompson, Educ, 8
Ziegler, Educ, 3
school plan built and equipped... Thompson, Educ, 6
too few appointed personnel... Bethune, Pers, 4
different assignemtn of worker... Wisdom, Com Anal, 8-9
different staff status... Wisdom, Com Anal, 7
earlier establishment of service... Dusseldorp, Wel, 3
Zuendt, MT&M, 3
Morrow, Stat, 3
too frequent policy changes... Estes, Fisc, 1
Updegraff, Sup, 4
build personnel housing sooner... Thompson, Educ, 5
different lines of authority... Rhyne, Engr, 1
Owen, Evac Prop, 1
Martin, Educ, 6
merging functions... Price, Reloc, 3-4
Griswold, Com Act, 6
civil service status for evacuees... Moulton, Com Mgt, 2
Griswold, Com Act, 6
relocation policy too restrictive... Johnston, Proj Dir, 15
stores, non-profit vs. Co-op... Johnston, Proj Dir, 18

Bin cards... Updegraff, Sup, 4

Block isolationism...
Stockton vs. Santa Anita friction... Rains, Oper, 3
mixed housing, solution for... Rains, Oper, 9

Civil Service
relaxation of regulations... Rains, Oper, 2
work day as applied to teachers... Martin, Educ, 4-5
Thompson, Educ, 6-7
employees accomplishments increased... Sullenger, Pers, 11

Closing operations... Rains, Oper, 10
Hudson, Mess, 3
Beasley, Educ, 10-12
Ziegler, Educ, 4
Updegraff, Sup, 4
Wisdom, Com Anal, 10
Community activities
relationship with other sections... Griswold, Com, Act 1-2, 4
reorganization... Griswold, Com Act, 2, 5
use of existing social impetus... Griswold, Com Act, 7
temporary in nature... Griswold, Com Act, 5
function in relocation... Griswold, Com Act, 5
an essential program... Johnston, Proj Dir, 18

Community analysis
interpretation to community... Wisdom, Com Anal, 2-3
special reports, nature of... Wisdom, Com Anal, 2-3
value of... Wisdom, Com Anal, 8
"rumor chasing"... Wisdom, Com Anal, 8-9

Construction basic...
behind schedule... Rains, Oper 2
Johnston, Proj Dir, 2
inadequate... Johnston, Proj Dir, 3
compared to WRA construction... Johnston, Proj Dir, 19

Conservative enterprises
officials (evacuee) uncooperative... Boothe, Legal, 3
Forrest, Legal, 5
Griswold, Com Act, 4
inefficient... Johnston, Proj Dir, 17-18

Cost accounting... Estes, Fisc, 2

relocation, student... Amis, Educ, 3
district system for relocation advising... Key, Reloc, 1-2
principles employed... Dusseldorp, Wel, 4
evacuee personnel... Sullenger, Pers, 4

Curriculum, school
adviser, problems of... Frasier, Educ, 3-5
revision, continuous... Frasier, Educ, 5-6

contracts... Fairley, Engr, 3
project in complete... Johnston, ,Proj Dir, 19-20

conferences... Thompson, Educ, 3
Frasier, Educ, 1-2
Ziegler, Educ, 1-2
Beasley, Educ, 8-9
atypical child... Ziegler, Educ, 4
Frasier, Educ, 2, 6
adult... Frasier, Educ, 6-8
industrial... Ramsdell, Educ, 1-2
Equipment and supplied, initial lack of... Smith, Rep, 1-2
Ziegler, Educ, 3
Rives, Agr, 1
Ramsdell, Educ, 1
Beasley, Educ, 10, 11
Thompson, Educ, 3-4
created resentment... Dusseldorp, Wel, 1
loss of security from... Dusseldorp, Wel, 1
caused loss of property... Dusseldorp, Wel, 2
shouldn't have happened... Dusseldorp, Wel, 13

lack of seriousness on the job... Fairley, Engr, 8
legal services for, nature of... Forrest, Legal, 2,3,4
Boothe, Legal, 2
attitude toward appointed personnel... Griswold, Com Act, 5-6
ability to assume responsibility... Marks, Health, 2
Hudson, Mess, 1
Smith, Rep, 7
attitude toward law enforcement... Clayton, Int Sec, 1-2
suspicious of certain appointed personnel... Smith, Rep, 2-3
Wisdom, Com Anal, 4
attitudes, general... Johnston, Proj Dir, 3,4,5

record, decentralization unsatisfactory... Steed, Off Ser, 2-5
card locator... Morrow, Stat, 2
individual, necessity for... Morrow, Stat, 1

Food requisitioning... Hudson, Mess, 4

Fuel problem
block vs equal distribution system... Rains, Oper, 4
coal sample testing... Fairley, Engr, 2
woodcutting... Rains, Oper, 3
Fairley, Engr, 1-2
wood vs coal... Johnston, Proj Dir, 17

Gate control procedure... Morrow, Stat, 2

program effective... Johnston, Proj Dir, 16
gratuities, "surreptitious"... Marks, Health, 3
surgery, selective, dimed... Marks, Health, 5
Hearing, leave clearance
number... Moulton, Com Mgt, 2
problems and procedure... Rains, Oper, 8
Johnston, Proj Dir, 9-10
Washington Office slow in handling... Moulton, Com Mgt, 2
Johnston, Proj Dir, 15
Housing, appointed personnel
inadequacy of... Key, Reloc, 1
Thompson, Educ, 5
construction of... Cole, Engr, 1

Interpreters, need for... Dusseldorp, Wel, 12

Japanese customs
go-between... Dusseldorp, Wel, 9-10
the family sodan... Dusseldorp, Wel, 11

Job descroption inadequate... Morrow, Stat, 3

Labor evacuee vs negro... Rains, Oper, 5, 7
Cole, Engr, 2
trouble... Rains, Oper, 3
Fairley, Engr, 6
Zuendt, MT&M, 2
personal vs group benefits... Rains, Oper, 6
Cole, Engr, 1, 3
Johnston, Proj Dir, 15
value of evacuee supervision... Rains, Oper, 4
Cole, Engr, 2
Hudson, Mess, 1
stoppages and slowdowns... Cole, Engr, 1
Fairley, Engr, 3,4,5
lack of skilled... Cole, Engr, 1
Moulton, Com Mgt, 1
button system of identification... Cole, Engr, 2
reluctance to work full day... Cole, Engr, 2
Bethune, Pers, 3
Fairley, Engr, 3,4
part-time workers... Amis, Educ, 2
"Walk-offs" reduced... Sullenger, Pers, 10
utilizations... Sullenger, Pers, 5
right-of-way clearing, expensive... Fairley, Engr, 4
Labor Relations committee effective... Johnston, Proj Dir, 7
Leadership training, need for... Griswold, Com Act, 5

procedure too complex... Moulton, Com Mgt, 3
short-term, aids relocation... Moulton, Com Mgt, 4
"open door policy"... Moulton, Com Mgt, 3-4
section procedure... Brewster, Reloc, 1-2
vacation... Sullenger, Pers, 5

school and community... Muyskens, Educ, 1-2
occupational... Amis, Educ, 2

Mess hall competition... Hudson, Mess, 2

Mules... Rains, Oper, 4

Office space
related offices separated... Brewster, Reloc, 2
Price, Reloc, 4
inadequate... Forrest, Legal, 3
Dusseldorp, Wel, 3
Thompson, Educ, 4
Johnston, Proj Dir, 3

relocation advisers... Key, Reloc, 1
welfare counsellors... Dusseldorp, Wel, 3, 8
government employees, need for... Thompson, Educ, 2, 5
Smith, Rep, 1
teachers, need of... Thompson, Educ, 5
training program for WRA employees... Sullenger, Pers, 7
project director... Johnston, Proj Dir, 3

Personnel, general
placement program... Sullenger, Pers, 6-7
program consolidated... Sullenger, Pers, 4
program, standard, impossible... Sullenger, Pers, 11
classification and organization... Sullenger, Pers, 9

Personnel, appointed
opposed to hospitilization policy... Marks, Health, 2-3
inter-section relationships... Wisdom, Com Anal, 5
McGowan, Proc, 1
Bethune, Pers, 3
attitude toward community analyst... Wisdom, Com Anal, 5, 6
improved by personnel program... Sullenger, Pers, 10-11
absenteeism decreased... Sullenger, Pers, 11
supervisory qualification, deficiency in... Sullenger, Pers, 3
unfamiliar with government procedure... Sullenger, Pers, 3
training programs... Sullenger, Pers, 7-8
problems of recruitment... Johnston, Proj Dir, 2
Recreation Assocation... Sullenger Pers, 9

Personnel, evacuee
trained, lack of... Smith, Rep, 2, 6
job over-staffing... Rains, Oper, 5
assignments unsatisfactory... Wisdom, Com Anal, 8-9
Bethune, Pers, 2
improved by placement program... Sullenger, Pers, 10-11
training program... Sullenger, Pers, 6
transfers... Sullenger, Pers, 5
disliked supervision... Bethune, Pers, 2

unsolicited assistance in... McGowan, Proc, 1
laison with warehouse... McGowan, Proc, 1
inadequate checks on... Updegraff, Sup, 2

Project Director
staff relationships... Wisdom, Com Anal, 7
Moulton, Com Mgt, 3
Bethune, Pers, 3
Johnston, Proj Dir, 5
evacuee relationships... Moulton, Com Mgt, 3
Johnston, Proj Dir, 5

Property control
insufficient emphasis... Estes, Fisc, 1
responsibility shifted... Estes, Fisc, 1
procedure delayed... Updegraff, Sup 1
system impractical, incomplete... Johnston, Proj Dor, 16-17

Property, evacuee
disposal of by WRA... Forrest, Legal, 5-8
Section, responsibility divided... Owen, Evac Prop, 1-2
rental contracts... Boothe, Legal, 3
tenancy termination... Forrest, Legal, 99
Yokohama Specie Bank claims... Forrest, Legal, 9-10
Boothe, Legal, 3
insurance, life... Forrest, Legal, 9-10
Boothe, Legal, 3
Property, WRA
accounting for... Updegraff, Sup, 4
Estes, Fisc, 1
requisitioning, problems of... Updegraff, Sup, 2, 3
McGowan, Proc, 2
procurement of... Updegraff, Sup, 2, 3
McGowan, Proc, 1
useless surplus of... Johnston, Proj Dir, 16
Rains, Oper, 1, 10
Updegraff, Sup, 4
warehousing... Updegraff, Sup, 1,3,4
Rains, Oper, 2
Johnston, Proj Dir, 3
Public relations
press "open house"... Smith, Rep, 3
Johnston, Proj Dir, 13-14
individual evacuee attitude toward... Smith, Rep, 3
group evacuee attitude toward... Smith, Rep, 4
appointed personnel contributions to... Smith, Rep, 5, 6
outside contracts of Internal Security head... Clayton, Int Sec, 3
Johnston, Proj Dir, 13
outside athletic competition discouraged... Beasley, Educ, 10
with state... Johnston, Proj Dir, 12-13
local stores... Johnston, Proj Dir, 12
visitors... Johnston, Proj Dir, 14

Pupils, school
initial enumeration of... Beasley, Educ, 7-8
Ziegler, Educ 1
grade placement... Ziegler, Educ 1
credit evaluation of... Thompson, Educ, 8
Beasley, Educ, 8
attitudes of... Lauhon, Educ, 2-3
Thompson, Educ, 9
pupil-teacher-relationships... Thompson, Educ, 9-10
truancy... Martin, Educ, 3

Records, protection of (welfare)... Dusseldorp, Wel, 5-6

employment... Moulton, Com Mgt, 2
general... Rains, Oper, 8
Moulton, Com Mgt, 2
Johnston, Proj Dir, 7-9

evacuee attitude toward... Smith, Rep, 7, 8
Price, Reloc, 1
new approach... Price, Reloc, 2
enlarged program recommended... Price, Reloc, 3-4
effect on center operations... Cole, Engr, 3
Zuendt, MT&M, 2
Smith, Rep, 2
Thompson, Educ, 8
retarded by clumsy procedure... Johnston, Proj Dir, 15
policy too restrictive... Johnston, Proj Dir, 15

Reports, staff attutude toward... Smith, Rep, 8

Retrospect... Smith, Rep, 8
Price, Reloc, 3-4
Rains, Oper, 10
Griswold, Com Act, 7
Morrow, Stat, 3
Marks, health, 3-4
Dusseldorp, Wel, 7-8
Lauhon, Educ, 3
Ziegler, Educ, 4
Beasley, Educ, 11-12
Martin, Educ, 6
Fairley, Engr, 8
Bethune, Pers, 4
Zuendt, MT&M, 3
Frasier, Educ, 8
Johnston, Proj Dir, 20-21

Scheduling, successful... Price, Reloc, 3
Moulton, Com Mgt, 4

equipment and supply problems... Ziegler, Educ, 3
Thompson, Educ, 3-4
textbooks, selection of... Beasley, Educ, 9
Frasier, Educ, 1,2
Ziegler, Educ, 1
vocational guidance program... Amis, Educ, 1
problems, 1st, 2nd, 3rd years... Thompson, Educ, 11-12
community vs traditional... Frasier, Educ, 1
Beasley, Educ, 9-10
opening of... Thompson, Educ, 6
extra-curricular activities... Amis, Educ, 2
adequacy and efficiency... Johnston, Proj Dir, 18

block managers... Johnston, Proj Dir, 5
Rains, Oper 9
Community Council... Johnston, Proj Dir, 6-7
selection of mess stewards... Johnston, Proj Dir, 6
selection of Internal Security force... Johnston, Proj Dir, 6
assistance with segregation... Johnston, Proj Dir, 11
Judicial Commission, ineffective... Johnston, Proj Dir, 6-7
Clayton, Int, Sec, 2
effects of... Rains, Oper, 8
Wisdom, Com Anal, 2
reasons for its success... Johnston, Proj Dir, 11

Selective Service
effect on center operations... Cole, Engr, 3
evacuee attitude toward... Forrest, Legal, 11
difficulty with transfers.... Forrest, Legal, 11
counselling... Amis, Educ, 3-4

Stock catalogue... McGowan, Proc, 1-2
Updegraff, Sup, 4

Supply procedure, inadequate... Updegraff, Sup, 3

Teachers, school
recruitment, problems of... Thompson, Educ, 2-3
evacuee... Beasley, Educ, 10
Thompson, Educ, 7-8
Ziegler, Educ, 2
morale of... Thompson, Educ 5-7
Martin, Educ, 3-4
turnover... Ziegler, Educ, 4
Thompson, Educ, 8, 10
unity of... Thompson, Educ, 7, 10
evacuee, didn't like to teach... Ziegler, Educ, 3

evacuee reluctance to report absences... Rains, Oper, 3
weak link in labor utilization... Sullenger, Pers, 3
control of... Sullenger, Pes, 3

Visitors (evacuee), accounting for... Morrow, Stat, 2

Vocational Training
part time workers... Amis, Educ, 2
summer work... Amis, Educ, 3
Adult... Frazier, Educ, 6-7
secondary school... Ramsdell, Educ, 1-2
on-the-job training... Rains, Oper, 5-6
Cole, Engr, 1
Morrow, Stat, 1
Hudson, Mess, 1, 2
Beasley, Educ, 10, 12
Sullenger, Pers, 6,7,8
apprentice training Zuendt, MT&M, 2
Wage scale, evacuee
effect on job placement... Moulton, Com Mgt, 1-2
unjustifiable... Morrow, Stat, 3
percentage by brackets... Sullenger, Pers, 2
dissatisfaction with... Johnston, Proj Dir, 15

Physical Description

Document, 12 pages, 8.5" x 11"


Relocation camps; Japanese Americans--Evacuation and relocation, 1942-1945; World War, 1939-1945--Concentration Camps--United States--Arkansas; Administrative agencies; Rohwer Relocation Center (Ark.)


Smith, Jr., Austin; War Location Authority, Department of the Interior

Geographical Area

McGehee, Desha County (Ark.)




MS.000261, Box 1, Folder 3, Item 3

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John Albert Trice collection, MS.000261


Arkansas State Archives

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Arkansas State Archives

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Index to the personal narrative reports of designated appointed personnel staff, draft, John Albert Trice collection, Arkansas State Archives, Little Rock, Arkansas.


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Hazel Retherford papers, MS.000643; Amon Guy Thompson papers, MG04582-MG04586; Austin Smith papers, 1942-1945, MG04350; Beauty Behind Barbed Wire: The Arts of the Japanese in Our War Relocation Camps, MG01299; Community Analysis Reports and Community Analysis Trend Reports of the War Relocation Authority, 1942-1946, MG03846-MG03847; Japanese Camp papers, MG03848-MG03869



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Index to the personal narrative reports of designated appointed personnel staff, draft