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1913 March 1


John A. Rosslott owned land in Lawrence County that was assessed for taxes in 1912. He disputed the amount assessed and the court issued a decree for the new amount that Rosslott owed to the Drainage District. However, there was an error in the court's decree. In 1913, Rosslott filed this petition for an order of "nunc pro tunc" which is a Latin legal term that means "now for then" and would amend the previous court decree to include an additional tract of land that was missed. The money from these taxes went towards draining the Cache River and surrounding wetlands in order to maintain the ability to farm the land. Drainage districts were vital to keeping the swamps from reappearing.


No. 1251
Chancery Court
Lawrence County, Ark.
Eastern District
John A. Rosslott
F.W. Coffman, Collector
For Lawrence County
Cause of Action: Petition for Order of Nunc Pro Tunc
Filed 30th day of April 1913
C.S. H- - -, clerk
W.P. Smith and O.C. Blackford, attorney for plaintiff
In the Lawrence Chancery Court for
its Eastern District. March Term
John A Rosslott, Plaintiff
F.W. Coffman, Collector of Lawrence County, Ark., Defendant
Petition for a Nunc Pro Tunc Order.
Comes now John A Rosslott, your Petitioner herein, and
shows to the Court that he is the owner of
NW of NW Sec[tion] 25,
NE NE; NW NE; SWNE; NENW; NWNW; Sec.26, NE NE Sec 27;
SW SW; NW SW; Sec 23; SW SW; SE SW; NE SW; NW SW; Sec.
all in Township Seventeen, North Range Two East; and that said
lands were assessed for the for the contruction[sic] and maintenance
of the Greene And Lawrence County Drainage District, the purpose
of which was to drain the Cache River and the wet lands adjacent
That on 3rd day of April 1912, upon the complaint of you
Petitioner herein, filed and pending in this Court, the said
Drainage District being represented by its Board of Directors,
as well as the Hon. L.B. Poindexter, and M.P. Huddleston, an agreed
Decree was entered by order of this Court, Compromising all the
differences between your Petitioner, and the said Drainage District
which had arisen by reason of assessments of benefits for the
construction and maintenance of the same.
That the above described lands was included in said settlement
and should have been included in said decree; whereby said land
would have been relieved from an amount now attempting to be
collected by the Collector of Lawrence County, Ark., as if no
such decree had been entered.
That said Decree, among other things, perpetually enjoined
the said Collector, his successor of any other person, from col-
lecting or attempting to collect any assessment against said land
except the sum agreed upon as reflected by the said decree which
sum was a sum total for all the alnds of your petitioner embraced
in said Drainage District.
That by misprision or mistake of the Clerk of this Court, the
above described land was not described in said decree, although a
list of same was furnished said Clerk, to be included in said agreed
That is was the order of the Court made at said term, that the
land mentioned in this Petition be included in said Decree.
Wherefore premises seen and fully understood, You petitioner
prays that an order be made now for then, including the above
described lands, and that a temporary restraining order be by
this Court granted, restraining the Collector of Lawrence County
from collecting or attempting to collect said Ditch Tax, until a
hearing upon this Petition be had before this Court.
Respectfully Submitted.
W.P. Smith
O.C. Blackford
Solicitors for Petitioner.

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Lawrence County Circuit Court

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Lawrence County (Ark.) Eastern District Circuit Court records, MSNE.0075


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