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1863 December 23


Muster roll for the Eighth Missouri Union Cavalry under the command of Captain Jacob Cossairt and Colonel J.J. Gravely. The regiment spent January and February 1864 scouting and marching in northern Arkansas. Names include: Jacob Cossaint, William Gibbs, Ethan Paxton, William H.W. Aregenhight, Thomas L. Thornton, Samuel Dent, Wesley M. Walker, James Hix, William C. Snyder, John Murphy, Calvin G. Drummond, George M. Alexander, Eli S. Cates, Hollway Richards, William M.V. Pippins, George W. Murphy, Enoch W. Taylor, Samuel James, John A. M(?), William H. Lord, James W. Campbell, Alexander Lewis, Joseph K. Williams, Absalem Edwards, William K. Anderson, George Bartshe, James Bartshe, Jacob Bartshe, Levi Breshears, James Byferd, David Brim(?), Green Banty, James M. Bell, Rufus Bowman, Amos Brown, John Brown, Thomas Cauthon(?), James M. Cates, John M. Charlton, William B. Charlton, James N. Cross, Joseph T Campbell, Marion Carver, Henry C Collins, Jesse E Conts, Richard N Dority, Samuel P Drummond, John H Estes, Hiram H Flesher, Benjamin Fugates(?), James Flood, Phineas Green, John Glen, James Glen, Francis M Harland, William T Hart, John Hix, Francis M Hatler, Charles Hayes, John Ingram, William Jordan, Frederick James, William, (?),Thomas E Lewis, (?) Lenderman, William Lenderman, Thomas Lord, David W McHenry, Benjamin McFarland, James Owens, Cleborne Pigg, and William Paxton.

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Document, 31.5" x 21.75"


Civil War; Military; Military personnel; Military service

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Missouri; Arkansas





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Arkansas and Missouri Union Army muster rolls, MS.000539


Arkansas State Archives

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Arkansas State Archives

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Muster Roll, 8th Missouri Union Cavalry, Arkansas and Missouri Union Army muster rolls, Arkansas State Archives, Little Rock, Arkansas.


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Muster Roll, 8th Missouri Union Cavalry