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1861 February 21


Letter from William Quesenbury to David C. Williams in regards to the recent victory for the pro-Union ticket at the Secession Convention. Other topics include a supply request and discussion of pro-secession thoughts on the election.


Fayetteville, Ark., Feb. 21st '61.
My Dear Friend:
After the most violent congratulations
at our success--God be praised!--I entreat you to send me
fifty weight of coffee and a like quantity of sugar. I
amont[sic] If my first trip to V.B. or some other early op-
portunity I will pay you.
I was glad to see your circular; but you may be
sure it looked curious to me. I didn't dream that you were
editing the Private Column. I supposed it was that Haney-
Bridger man, etc.,-and I never read a line of it till I saw
your name at the end of your Address. I don't admire Haney.
Can you realize what has occurred? I am glad for
the display of the sentiment of the people;-but oh how
doubly glad at the discomfiture of our enemies! I spend
happy hours in reflection how this Loco-foco feels and looks
and-that-one, and-that-one, etc., etc., etc. How do you reckon old DeRosey feels? And his nephew?-
And Col. Humphreys?-And Mayers?-And Rector? Charley
Johnson, on whom be blessings wherever he may be although he
is a secessionist, told me as he passed through, that Sebastian
would roll up a tremendous majority for disunion. Alas-no-well
done for the vanity of human calculations.
Send my supplies by the first chance. I am, as I said,
destitute. Present all manner of joyful compliments to Maj.
Henry,-and my kind regards to Mrs. W. and the children
truly your friend, Wm Quesenbury.
David C. Williams Esq.

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Letter, 9" x 7.75"


Correspondence; War; Secession; Political elections; Civil War


William Quensenbury

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Fayetteville, Washington County (Ark.); Van Buren, Crawford County (Ark.)





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Clara Bertha Eno collection, MS.000086


Arkansas State Archives

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Arkansas State Archives

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Letter, William Quensenbury to David C. Williams, Clara Bertha Eno collection, Arkansas State Archives, Little Rock, Arkansas.


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Letter, William Quensenbury to David C. Williams