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1865 March 23


Letter from James Parrott imprisoned in Little Rock, to his wife, Maria. He talks about having smallpox and asks his wife to get vaccinated.


Military Prison, Little Rock, Ark March 23rd 1865 } I am only allowed to write one page at a time.
Mrs. M. Maria Parrott } My ever Dear and devoted wife, your very kind letter of the
Commerce MO } 23rd Ult was recd [missing piece] on the 2ast Inst. It found me slightly indisposed
from a verry[sic] mild attack of Verry-Alloid.[sic] I had some [missing piece] being of head and bones for 3 days, with some throat also
which are the certain forerunners of small pocks[sic] [missing piece] in the prison for something over 3 month, Some
pretty severe cases, but generally rather mild, with but [missing piece], Be it said to the credit of Surgeon Mills, that, he under
stands the deseas[sic] thoroughly, is kind and attentive to his duty, & a Gentleman, but birth & Education,
I think I will not be marked at all, and am verry[sic] happy to have it, for it is a most loathsom[sic] diease, have yourself
& children vaxinated[sic][;] if it will not take you are in no danger of more than verry Alloid[sic]
I am verry[sic] glad you did not to Ft Smith at the time you wished But could you have gotten there a little earlier
I would have been more than happy to have embraced my Dear Love once more in my nice little parlor at Fayettevill[sic],
What authority was it prevented your going. Do not, oh my sweet wife, be so disponding. Your Dear Husband will
see you again, to live with, love and bless you, and the dear little ones too, Oh, how are they & you, are you all well. I hope
Joe's health has improved. God Knows you are every preset in my mind as a rule and guide to my conduct. I know he will
again someday smile upon us in the plentitude of his mercies. Do you ever hear from Dear little Bertay in Tenn. with
your Ma, How much pleasure it would afford me to greet you there again this summer. Under your Ma's Roof
I am verry[sic] sorry to learn of the severe illness of Bro Beverly. Hope he has recovered. Tell him I am the same as formally,
My Dear Wife, I wish you to get permission from the proper authorities, for yourself and children to go
there, where if I do not meet you, you can get into our lines, leaving a letter or something so that I can find
you, I will go by Shrievesport[sic] La., Perhaps you had better go there. If you need money make out a pay Act in
my name, fo any amt you need. my last payment was to Dec 30th 1863, all since that time is due, that
was paid by J.A. Hunter A.G.M. Leaving due me the last of this month $2430.00. Gen Smith will no doubt
see to your comfort. Be not uneasy unpon that score if you there. Make your self and necessities known to
to the Authorities and they will be attend to. If you get to the Regt you can get what you want, if you want
Cage & he is in reach send for him. he can make you a decent support. I will not be fit for service soon. I
you to be with me, as I anticipate an early exchange. Please come as soon as you can. My love to all
Your Loving Husband until Death James Parrott Maj CSA

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Letter, 11" x 7.25"


Civil War; Prisoners of war; Smallpox; Spouses


James Parrott

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Little Rock, Pulaski County (Ark.)





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Small manuscript collection


Arkansas State Archives

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Arkansas State Archives

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Letter, James Parrott to Maria Parrott, Small manuscript collection, Arkansas State Archives, Little Rock, Arkansas.


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Letter, James Parrott to Maria Parrott