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1861 November 16


Ferring reports that the Union Army is within ten miles of where he is stationed and within one mile of the Confederate picket line. They anticipate an attack and are ready for a fight. Due to the impeding threat and high tension in the camp, many false alarms have gone off.


[Page 1] Oakland Nov, 16th 1861
Capt Fletcher
Dear Sir, Yours of the
12th inst is to hand, and I am cert-
ainly happy to hear that your health
is improving. I have no news only
that the [h]ealth of the Company is
very good, I have no doubt but you
have heard by this time that, the
Legion has been devided, and is
thought that Maj Scafe will be
Col, Capt Govan Lieut Col, and Capt
Harvey Maj. I have no further
news, only that the enemy is
withins [sic] ten miles of us, and in
a half mile of our Picketts, I
do not think that we will advance
from here but expect every night
to be attacked by the bloody foe,
We have had several false alarms [Page 2] but thanks the Lord we are al-
way [sic] ready and anxious to meet the
foe. I have not heard from Scott
since he left here, but I have no
doubt, but he will fabricate
a very respectable tale to tell.
We are doing very well here, we
drill every day, and had a general
inspection of Guns and clothing,
Scott before he left here tried to
persuade Lieut Campbell to go with
him, but could not come it [sic], although
I had his discharge already written,
No further news hoping to hear or
see you soon I remain
Truly yours
W. A. Ferring
P.S. Lieut Campell and all
send their best respects.[Page 3] Capt. E. H. Fletcher
Bowling Green
Ky -
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1 page handwritten, front and back, 7.75" x 4.75"; with envelope, 3" x 5.5"


Civil War; Confederate States of America; Military Camps


Ferring, W.A.

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Bowling Green (Ky.)






Elliot H. Fletcher family papers, MS.000063


Arkansas State Archives

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Arkansas State Archives

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W.A. Ferring, Oakland, to Elliot H. Fletcher, Bowling Green, Kentucky, Elliot H. Fletcher family papers, Arkansas State Archives, Little Rock, Arkansas.


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W.A. Ferring, Oakland, to Elliot H. Fletcher, Bowling Green, Kentucky