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1862 May 13


Writing form Pitman's Ferry, Snyder describes difficult living conditions on the march from Pilot Knob. He elaborates on how the soil is rocky and not fit for farming, but decent for camping. Snyder concludes his letter by stating that their living is very hard, as there are few rations.

Biographical/Historical Note

Claiborne Snyder was a sergeant in the 38th Illinois Infantry Regiment, Company H. He died in 1863 during the war, and is buried at Jasper County, Illinois.


[Page 1] A marching
13 W struck Tents 21st in
advance we Passed through
town with martial
music we Took a
different road to the
mill to that we came
we halted at the mill
got water rested a
while soon on
our march we
marched to Pitmans
Ferry Ark on
Current river
To day has been very
Warm a great many
fell back to day
We marched about
22 miles against
2 1/2 o clock [Page 2] 13 I have Saw on this
march Several of Hardees
Camps we are encamped
at this time where
Hardee did at this place
are 2 companies of
the 5th Ills Cavalry
kept here as Guards
the county theat [sic]
we have traveled over
to day has been Some
what Poor and
Rocky not fit
for farming much
Some places will do
this is a beautiful
Place for a camp [ ]
plenty we have had
water plenty to day [Page 3] Current Pitmans Ferry Ark
13 as I am resting at
this place I will tell
you Something about
our manner of sleeping
I supose [sic] we fare as other
Soldiers at Pilot knob mo
we always had plenty
of Straw and bords [sic] to
sleep on as soon as we
left Pilot knob our bed
has been the Earth only
on one or two occasions we
got some boards Sometime,
the ground is perfectly wet
Some times [sic] it was Frozen
at first it seemed hard
Sleeping but now I
can Take 2 blankets
and sleep as well [Page 4] Pitmans Fery [sic] Ark
Current River
as I could on a
feather bed our Provision [sic]
has been of the ordinary
kind Since I left the knob
Some Time on 1/2 rations
1/4 3/4 Some Times Whole [sic]
rations we have often had
nothing but old bacon
and corn meal nothing
but water to prepare
it for baking and
march on it this looks
like hard living very
often we have no coffee
or sugar a Soldiers
life is a life not
to be desired unless
his country is at stake
if it is then it is desirable

Physical Description

Document, 3" x 5"


Civil War; Arkansas


Snyder, Claiborne D.

Geographical Area

Pitman's Ferry, Randolph County (Ark.)






Small manuscript collection


Arkansas State Archives

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Arkansas State Archives

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C.D. Snyder diary, Small manuscript collection, Arkansas State Archives, Little Rock, Arkansas.


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C.D. Snyder diary