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1862 February 12


Woodruff writes of his frustration about the Union's successful invasion of the Confederacy. He also writes to his mother that he is trying to get a furlough so he might visit home, but has doubts that he will be granted one. He ends his letter by asking for his sister to send a misleading letter stating that his mother is very sick, so that his commanding officers would be more likely to grant his furlough request.

Biographical/Historical Note

William H. Woodruff served in Company H, 21st (Wilson's), Tennessee Cavalry, Confederate States Army, during the Civil War.


[Page 1] Columbus Ky Feb 12th
My Dear Mother
I am now trying
to you but I am so pestered I
hardly know what to write just
to think that them black hearted
rascals has passed by us here
not exactly here but not many
miles distant and going within
40 miles of our homes is one thing
that I did not intend that
they should do I come out there
with the intention of keeping
them from coming on our soil but I see
that we have failed to do it and the
only thing that we can do will
be to whip them back which
I think can be easily done and
here is another thing that is pestering me
very much that is that I dont
know whether to reinlist now or [Page 2] wait until my time is out here
and go home and stay there
a while or not. now Ma I dont
want you to understand me to say
that I am going to reinlist
before I see you I wouldent [sic] do it
for anything I have been trying
to get A furlow [sic] for the last
week or more but it was all in -
vain I would give any thing
in this world if I could get
to see you Ma you cant immagin [sic]
how I feel I cant enjoy my self [sic]
at any thing [sic] that I go at. col Nely
got a furlow [sic] started for me just
before he went home but genal [sic] McCown
disapproved it col Neely has been trying
get me off ever since he got back
he wants me to go as bad
Ma I want you to get sis to
write to me that you are sick
and be verry [sic] carefull and not make [Page 3] blunder that will catch me in it
for there is no telling what they
would do if they want to kethch [sic]
me. I want to see you all so bad
and dont know of a better excuse
than that. I will quit [sic] good by [sic]
may god in his infinite mercy bless
and protect you all is the
prayers of your affectionate son
W. H. Woodruff
To Miss H
To Miss Kate
To [ ]

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Document, 4.75" x 7.75"


Civil War; Arkansas; Confederate States of America


Woodruff, William H.

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Columbus, Hickman County (Ky.)






Small manuscript collection


Arkansas State Archives

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Arkansas State Archives

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William H. Woodruff, Columbus, Kentucky, to "My Dear Mother", Small manuscript collection, Arkansas State Archives, Little Rock, Arkansas.


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