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1862 March 01


The church's minutes include a "tribute of respect" for Joseph L. Neal, church member and Confederate soldier, who was mortally wounded at the Battle of Oak Hills (Wilson's Creek) "while leading his battalion." A copy of the tribute is to be given to his mother.

Biographical/Historical Note

The Battle of Wilson's Creek, also known as the Battle of Oak Hills, was one of the first battles west of the Mississippi during the early days of the Civil War, and included many soldiers from Arkansas.


[Page 1] 1862 Saturday before 1st Sabbath in February 1862
After Sermon by brother E. Merril
Church in Conference. Invited visiting bretheren to a
seat with us Opened the door of the Church for the
reception of members rec'd none, Call for references none
A Charge preferred against brother Asberry McCown for
drinking to excess, he being notified beforhand, Move and
second to receive the Charge, Move and second to take up the Case
after investigation Move and secon [sic] to withdraw fellowship
from brother Asberry McCown and the Church recommeded [sic] to
pray for brother McCown, minute of the Day read
and adopted 1862
1862 Saturday before 1st Sabbath in March 1862
After sermon by brother E Merril Church in Confer -
ence, Invited visiting brethern to a seat with us Opened
the door of the Church for the reception of members
rec'd none, Call for references none, Call for the fellowship of the
Church all in peace
Tribute of respect adopted
To Joseph L. Neal by County Line Church
Hempstead County Arkansas
Whereas, it has pleased Almighty God to remove
from among us by death our respected and beloved friend
and brother, Joseph L Neal, who died near springfield Mo,
on the 18th of August 1861. Brother Neal was born in
lounds [sic] County Mississippi
He made a profession of religion and was baptised into
the fellowship of Mine Creek Church, Hempstead County
Arkansas, on the fifth sabbath in August eighteen
hundred and fifty one, by Rev'd J C. Perkins, and remained
a Consistent member of that Church until the diffic -
ulty arose that tore it asunder, then joining himself to
the orderly portion which withrew [sic] and Constituted them -
selves into a Church by the above name (County Line) where
he remained a firm and Consistent member until his death
His Simplicity and Solemn tender earnestness, and his Deep Toned
piety, Holy living: Love for Zion and her king, exhibited [Page 2] in his readiness to every good work, impressed all who knew
him with the Conviction that he believed and felt the force
of that religion he had professed, Away from his home
in the service of his beloved sunny south, he died, but in he owed to his God, and we have every assurance that he died
in the full triumphs of a living faith
just a few days before his death he remarked that he
had been trying to live for the last fifteen years the life
of a Christian, and perfectly Conscious of his approaching end,
that then, he had a hope that he would not exchange for
worlds, Ever ready to bleed for his Country, and on the fatal
field of Oak Hills while leading his battalion to the Con -
flict he was struck by a shot which caused his death
Resolved, therefore, that in the death of our beloved
brother Neal we feel that this Church has lost one of her
strongest pillars, a faithful and liberal member, a man of
virtue, purity and faith, whose holy life and exemplary
walk was a living monument of the Christian religion
which he had professed to enjoy, the loss of whose example
we may well deplore.
Resolved, that in the Death of our brother the Com-
munity has lost an estimable and worthy citizen, the
Mother a kind and affectionate son, the brothers and sisters
a loving and tender brother, and the neighbourhood a kind
and generous friend, and our Country a pure, brave, and un-
selfish patriot, a selfsacrificing soldier, who forsook all
that was dear to him save his God, to peril his life for his
Countries rights,
Resolved, that we tender to the widowed Mother and
the bereaved brothers and sisters of our deceased brother our
sincere sympathy and Condolence, but entreat them
not to sorrow as those that have no hope. for the pious
and Godly conversation of our brother, gives us the assurance
that he has entered into that rest prepared for the people
of God, that building not made with hands, but
eternal in the heavens. [Page 3] Resolved. That we recommmed [sic] his widowed and heartstricken
Mother an disconsolate brothers and sisters to the Care of him,
who will be a Comforter to them hat mourn, and urge them
to imitate the example in the varied relations he sustained to
his God. his Country, his brethren, and to his aged Mother and
relatives; for in his life we see exemplified the devoted hum-
ble Christian, the unswerving patriot, the kind obedient son.
the loving brother and generous friend.
Resolved that a Copy of this tribute to be furnished
his Mother, and that it be published in the Tennessee Baptist
and they be spread on the Church book.
Done in Conference on Saturday before the 1st
Sabbath in March 1862, Minute of the Day read and
adopted 1862
1862, Saturday before 1st, Sabbath in April
After Sermon by brother E. Cary and E. Merril
Church in Conference invited visiting Bretheren to a
seat with us, Opened the Door of the Church for the reception
of members rec'd none, Call for references none,
Call for miscellaneous business none,
1862 Move and second to set apart next meeting for the
ordination of brother Elija Merril to the ministry
also for the sacrament Minute of the day read
and adopted


Civil War; Arkansas; Confederate States of America; Memorial rites and ceremonies; Churches; Christianity


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