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1861 October 14


In his letter, Foster writes that there are many people of Montgomery, Pope, and Polk counties were heavily in favor of the Union, and named a number of them. These men would not fight for the Confederacy unless conscripted and made up a sham company to fool Confederate recruiters into thinking they had already enlisted.

Biographical/Historical Note

Though Arkansas was one of the states that seceded from the Union upon the onset of the Civil War, a number of its citizens still held their loyalties to the United States. This created much tension between neighbors whose views did not align. Some Confederacy-supporting citizens went so far as to report their neighbors to Governor Henry Rector, who acted to quash disloyalty to the Confederacy.


[Page 1] Oct the 14
Ark Montgomry Co 61
Mr Henry M rector [sic]
govener [sic] of the State Dere Sir I am sorrow
To inform you abe lincoln has so
many friends here as he has in pike
[and] Polke Co [and] this [and] Pike they saye [sic] the popel has
give them no showing gone out of Union one this
heades [sic] they would note gone oute [and] has not
for they stick to union yete [and] one of the
Croude [sic] has hallow huraw for lincoln [and] has
all the commitey union men [and] dars [sic] any -
body to tech [sic] one of or any commitey [and] grate [sic]
young men [and] says they dont intend to go
to fite till they are drafted [and] if they get
tuck [sic] prisoners they will tell north they
would note of faught agante [sic] them they
was compelde [sic] to do so [and] the north will be
good to them now I will gave [sic] you as many
of thir nams as I can recolect [sic] David White
juner [sic] david white seinior [sic] henry White Wm White
Wm White White senior Jackson White [Page 2] Scott Forester mass groves Barney Dawes
James kirk The way to find all of them
out go to havey walker W C Walker [and]
Thomas Ellison [and] F r Forester [and] inquire ner [sic]
their neighborhoods the most of them lives
in wat [sic] they call greesey cove in pike
[and] Polk Co I am your most respeck
fully [sic] Wm H Foster
P S, they hade [sic] a Sam Company maded
up of 25
when they was beeten [sic] for up volunteers this
sham company was to stay at home when
the secrte [sic] slip [sic] out one I had for go
saye boys come on you shante have to
go off to fite [sic] foyen [sic] alls [sic] we will stay
rite [sic] here his nam [sic] was Jach Putnam
[and] Eljah putnam Witout [sic] they have
Turn [sic] Since I lefte [sic] ther [sic] the 2 of instant I was
down in contry [sic] then

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1 page handwritten, front and back, 7.75" x 5"


Civil War; Arkansas; Confederate States of America


Foster, William H.

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Montgomery County (Ark.)






Kie Oldham collection, MS.000132


Arkansas State Archives

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Arkansas State Archives

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William H. Foster, Montgomery County, Arkansas, to Governor Henry M. Rector, Kie Oldham collection, Arkansas State Archives, Little Rock, Arkansas.


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William H. Foster, Montgomery County, Arkansas, to Governor Henry M. Rector