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1864 March 16


Letter from Thomas D. Frazer to Governor Harris Flanagin requesting exemption from military service. He states that he is the sole male in his extended family left to take care of his family and their businesses. He has had one brother killed at Shiloh, another brother still currently serving and a widowed sister under his care as well as his own immediate family.


Union Co Ark March 16/64
To the Honorable H Flanagin
Governor of the State of Ark
Sir I wish to know if I am sub
ject to conscription[.] I volunteered in
the State Servis[sic] for twelve months
under your Proclimation[sic] and I desired
a substitute oweing[sic] to my having so
much buisiness[sic] on my hands[.] I have a
large and helpless family of my own[,] thirty
five in number[.] I am executor of my brother's
estate[.] he was killed in the Shilo[sic] fight
and also I have the entire managment[sic]
of another Brother's buisiness[sic] who is sergeant
in the army on the east side of the Mississipp[sic]
and also a widowed sister[sic] buisiness[sic] and
their[sic] is no other mail person to attend to
the buisiness[sic] that I have named[.] I have
a substitute that is in his fifty third
year now Sir feel and know that
it is the duty of every man to defend
his country and if it was not the great
responsibility on my hands I would
have bin[sic] in the army long since[.] if
I am subject to the Confederate Servis[sic]
I would be under obligations to you
recommend me to be detailed if you
can believe my statement
Your Obedent[sic] Servent[sic] Thos D Frazer

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Letter, 7.5" x 12"


Civil War; War; Governors; Correspondence; Military service


Thomas H. Frazer

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Union County (Ark.)




MS.000132, Item 921


Kie Oldham collection, MS.000132


Arkansas State Archives

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Arkansas State Archives

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Letter, Thomas H. Frazer to Governor Harris Flanagin, Kie Oldham collection, Arkansas State Archives, Little Rock, Arkansas.


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Letter, Thomas H. Frazer to Governor Harris Flanagin