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1864 January 15


Letter from C.G. Scott in Little Rock to D.C. Williams. Scott complains about the radical party and writes that they will "produce another civil war." He praises General Steele as a "kind hearted" gentlemen who has offered everyone equal protection and in return "all he asks of us is to behave ourselves." Scott wishes to be able to return to Van Buren and notes that Little Rock has suffered very little compared to other southern towns.


[Page 1] Little Rock January 15/64
D.C. Williams Esq
My Dear friend
Yours per John Austin
came to hand & made me ful[sic] gloomy,
only think of the happy days and years we
have spent in Van Buren; and how fear affects
them[,] have changed now, our troubles
are not over[.] this radical party will
produce another Civil War[.] I am as-
tounded that any conservative man
should have been drawn into it[.] if we
had of[sic] remained quiet a short time all
would of[sic] been right and we should of[sic]
went along smoothly[.] have no confedence[sic]
in their [illegible] changed position or [illegible]
the cause of them, Walker is better [illegible]
than I am and will with you fully
our(?) answer all questions.
My family are well, daughter in the
convent[,] boys going to day school and
[Page 2] learning well. My daughters are larger
Johnanna 2 inches taller than her mother
they have both improved much, we would
gladly return to our home if we could
do so in peace, shall perhaps remain
here until that time comes. My boys are
particularly anxious to return to Van Buren
We get along here as well as could be
expected. Genl. Steel[sic] who commands this
army gives all protection alike, all
he asks of us is to behave ourselves.
The Genl is a plain unassuming kind
hearted, high toned gentleman, everybody
has the highest regard for him, except
the radicals, he has no [illegible] for such
[illegible], he will never be forgotten by the
citizens of Little Rock, in this day [illegible]
the most popular man that ever
was in this place, tis really pleasant
to meet him. with few exceptions, this
army conduct themselves well, are
kind & gentlemenly[.] I do hope you may
fare as well as we do. If Genl
[Page 3] is placed in command of all the forces
in the state, (and friends are working for
it) you will have a more pleasant
time. Little Rock has suffered less than
any town in the south, unite your forces(?)
east(?) as persons have done here to make
Arks. a separate department and
give the entire command to Genl Steel[sic]
You have influence with your merchants
in the [illegible] cities, do so at once
this is private keep this to yourself. tis
for the good of our people
Genl. Thayer goes up to take command at
Ft. Smith[.] Walker will give him a letter
to you. I have done so to Capt. P.
[illegible] Esq show him some attention
it may be some advantage to our
suffering people, advise with him to take
the radicals off. [illegible] at once with
him[,] a little flattery will do the business
this is also private. I have not seen your
brotherenlaw[sic] since I wrote Capt. P. that
he is off at present, his name is Bishop
[Page 4] and a Lt. Col -
Remember me to all friends, not forgetting
Dr.[illegible], Thomason, Lynch, Ward(?)
& Mr. [illegible] family
My wife[,] daughter & children
all send much love to [illegible]
children, yourself.
[illegible] praying when this cruel
war is over, we shall all
meet again.
Your friend
C.G. Scott
Tis labour[sic] for me to write
having a lame finger

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Letter, 4 pages, 5" x 8"


Civil War; War; Military; Military officers


Charles Gordon Scott

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Little Rock, Pulaski County (Ark.); Van Buren, Crawford County (Ark.)





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Clara Bertha Eno collection, MS.000086


Arkansas State Archives

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Arkansas State Archives

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Letter, C.G. Scott to D.C. Williams, Clara Bertha Eno collection, Arkansas State Archives, Little Rock, Arkansas.


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Letter, C.G. Scott to D.C. Williams