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1864 January 06


Letter from E.W. Gantt in Cincinatti, Ohio, to John Caldwell. Gantt thanks Caldwell for the invitation to make a speech in the city but regrets that he will be unable to do so. He expresses his hope that within four months Arkansas will be back in the Union under a constitution that will forever abolish slavery. Referring to his "southern brethren," Gantt advises Caldwell to approach them with no words of peace "save that which thunders from the mouth of every cannon or flashes from the point of every gleaming sword." He believes they will surrender only when their armies have been "dispersed in deadly conflict."


[Page 1] Cin. O.
Jany 6th, 64
Mr Jno G. Caldwell
[illegible] Sec. G.W. Fair
Sir - your
kind note extending to me
an opportunity to address the
people of this city of Mozart
Hall, on Saturday night, for the
benefit of the sick and wounded
soldiers has reached me.
I regret to say that circum-
-stances beyond my control will
deprive me of that pleasure.
Reciprocating your sentiments
of friendly feelings between the
people of our respective states,
I hazard nothing in saying that
in four months, Arkansas will
resume her relations with the
National Government under a
[Page 2] a constitution excluding
forever, negro slavery, from her
soil, as having been the source
of all her suffering and
calamities, and as opening up
a new pathway of [illegible]
and progress; and that by another
season, the fleets and commerce
of your noble city will be once
more welcome visitors throughout
all our borders.
For the sake of
the bleeding & disordered South - to
shorten this terrible war - to
restore order and quiet in the
law, and to uphold our
noble national edifice, I would
implore you, and all union
men, to speak no word of
peace to my southern brethren,
save that which thunders from
the north of every cannon
or flashes from the point of
[Page 3] of[sic] every gleaming sword. I
say this because I know
their leaders will never permit
them to yield until their
armies are dispersed in
deadly conflict
Your obt se
E.W. Gantt

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Letter, 3 pages, 5.75" x 8.75"


Civil War; War; Military; Slavery


E.W. Gantt

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Cincinatti, Hamilton County (Ohio); Arkansas




SMC.00075.003, Item 4

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Small manuscript collection


Arkansas State Archives

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Arkansas State Archives

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Letter, E.W. Gantt to John Caldwell, Small manuscript collection, Arkansas State Archives, Little Rock, Arkansas.


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Letter, E.W. Gantt to John Caldwell