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1861 April 21


Letter from J.A. Griffing in Topeka, Kansas, to her brother, Ralph Goodrich, in Arkansas about the gardening in preparation for the coming war. She also talks about the new senators in the Kansas Legislature.


[Page 1] Topeka Apr. 21st 1861.
Dear brother Ralph.
Yours of Mar 26th was
received in due time, and was sorry
to hear you had been sick, though I
should not wonder if you did have some
fear this summer & fall, but hope you
are where you will have good care.
You must take good care of yourself
too-keep feet dry & do not be out in the
night air or get wet if you can help
it & a sponge bath every day will prevent
much sickness. We are in about
usual health. The boys have the hooping[sic]
cough & cough pretty hard, but so far
have got along very well. Johnny says he
has the hooping[sic] cough & coughs "the
stait along." and often asks if we don't
feel sorry for him.
It is quit warm & has been for a day or
two & the wheat & grass look green & nice
[Page 2] We have had fine rams this spring, but
we need a shower now. grass would come
on faster. The wind is blowing hard &
that generally brings rain excepting in
time of drouth[sic]. The last news from home
all were well. Conference was to commenceOur Conference here was at Atchison
& while there James received two boxes
one from home & one smaller one from
his relatives in Ill. both contained a
a great many garden seeds & some dried
apples & carrots & black & raspberries.
the one from Ill. a cherse (excellent) & both
had some dried beef in-all were very
acceptable. The dried fruit is very nice
here where we have no vegetables yet.
All have put in plenty of garden & some
of the seeds are coming up which they
did not do last year. The prospect
for living is quite encouraging. But the
sad news of yet has reached us. we
hoped the difficulties would be settled
[Page 3] without shedding of blood & now there
is no knowing where it will end.
You speak of sending us money. I had
rather you would keep it yourself and
thank you just the same as if you
sent it. We shall get along, our friends
have been very kind indeed or we could
not have done as well. I think the
hardest is over if we continue to have
rain. You must use your own
judgment in regard to buying land.
Living there you would know more
about it than me, although for my-
self I should prefer to be free from
debt first, but I am one of the kind,
like Pa, I guess, that hate debt, &
would be glad to get out & keep out and never
owe a penny. I think land must
be very cheap there. Are the taxes
high & can you get good title deeds?
Arkansas is said to be a very rich
country. I suppose its your
vocation now, and how I wish
[Page 4] you were nearer us so as to spend it
here. I think it would do you good.
What shall you be doing?
James Goodrich is still in Topeka.
Talks of going to Pikes Peak. Jacob
Orcott has had an attack of fever, but
is getting better. Nancy & children keep
well. Have you heard from Uncle
lately? The last I heard they were
intending to leave Hartford & go to where
his mill is & board there this summer,
thinking it would be better for his
business. Several Large business firms
in Hartford have failed lately. Thatcher
& Stillman, the ones Uncle was with have
failed too. James is writting[sic] to you
also, so if there is any means you will
probably get it all. The Legislature is
in session at Topeka & have elected the
Senators - Pomeroy & Lane & they have gave
to Washington. Write often as you can
and take good care of yourself
with much love I am ever your aff.
J.A. Griffing

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Letter, 4 pages, 8 " x 9.75"


Correspondence; Civil War; Political activity; Agriculture


J.A. Griffing

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Topeka, Shawnee County (Kan.); Atchison, Atchison County (Kan.); Arkansas




MS.000069, Item 56

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Goodrich family papers, MS.000069


Arkansas State Archives

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Arkansas State Archives

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Letter, J.A. Griffing to Ralph Goodrich, Goodrich family papers, Arkansas State Archives, Little Rock, Arkansas.


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