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1861 March 17


Letter from John J. Walker to W.W. Mansfield discussing the Secession Convention and the resulting political situation.


[Page 1] Ozark Ark
March 17th 1861
Dr. Col.
Court adjourned last evening, but
little business on the civil dockett disposed
of. The greater part of the time has been spent
in the trial of state cases for Gaming, Assaults
Batterys[sic], etc. The case of the state is Robert G.
Martin was continued. Love(?) Indicted
for mule stealing was convicted and goes to
the Penetentiary for six years.
No cases on the civil dockett, where any
defence[sic] was made, disposed of except
the old case of Euhenbeyer vs. Whitty
in this case the defendent waved his right
to a return of the property, and judgt.
was rendered in his favor for the value
with damages. Judgt.-$1200 soon
after this Judgment was rendered, I learned
that Duch had sold out his grocery &
James Chisom, old Simon is now in good
spirits and Dutch in a very meloncolly[sic]
mood. In the Chancery cause Campbell
is beaten. the complainant obtained a
decree setting aside the satisfaction entered
on the Judgment of law. I will have
Excention(?) out tommorrow I think all or
[Page 2] at least several hundred dollars of the Judgment
can be made.
Old Gammell[,] the old lady Kizzia have
been in town every day during the week from the
rising of the sun to the going down thereof.
after his case was disposed of he told me
in rather a confidential way that he now
considerd me a greater man than Maj.
Mansfield or Major Thornession(?) either
and if he could just get Polly
McCallister to come to town he would
bring another slander suit agst Carter &
that I should be his head attorney
Amongst other gentlemen of
distinction who have been here during the past
week was Col Burrow, Col Conell & Dalt Chism
at one o'clock yesterday Col B. made a speak
at the court house. quite a number of the
sovereigns were out to hear him. I did
not hear him, am told that urged upon
them the necessity of immediate seccession
another meeting was held at night for
the purpose of having certain resolutions
adopted at this meeting[.] the people generally
turned out especially the citizens of this place.
Squire Boone Esquire first took the stand and
a very boistrous speech of [illegible] an hour red and offered certain resolutions
which commenced wtih a preamble
[Page 3] whereas the state convention at Little Rock has
adjourned without passing an ordinance of
secession as we have been informed. Resolved
that the governor be reguested to convene the Legis
lature immediatly[sic] that an ordenance[sic] of secession
may be passed and that the same be refered[sic]
back to the people for their approval or rejection[.]
the vote was then taken & the resolutions
were not adopted. When Col Burrow proposed
that all in favor of the resolution should come
up and sign their names to our side of the
card of the resolutions and those approved
to them should sign to the other side
All those who had voted in favor of the resolutions
went up and signed and whilst this igning
process was going on which with some took
considerable time[.] the[sic] Col Burrow
took the occasion to make an other
very powerfull appeal urging upon
his resolutions. The last effort reminded
me very much of some camp meeting
since which I have witnessed where the
good person sung loud & long whist
the mourners(?) were coming up.. my
opinion is that Col. B.'s visit to this place
has by no means advanced the cause
he advocates
i was at your house this morning
[Page 4] all are well. Clay has got through with his work
in the garden, and will commence ploughing
in the field tomorrow[.] he has brought your
black horse down from Mulberry. Maj.
Henderson is still at work for you[.] he is
doing good work at least what he does is well done. I have but little in way of
news to write you. Stuart starts down
tomorrow with the Prisoners [illegible] for
the Penetentiary[sic]. Jas Matthews goes
down on the stage this evening[.] they
can give you all the news. write me
on recpt of this[.] when think you you[sic]
will [illegible] home. Mrs. M says the
Halks have caught yourominican
Rooster. Miss Julia says she wishes you
would come home. she is getting very
tired of walking from Wm Quails to your
house every day.
Yours T
John J. Walker
PS. tell my brother that Felker offers $10 per
acre for the Kinnebrough land payable in
1 2 & 3 years with 6 per ct. tell him to write
to me. JJW
Strange to tell
I have found the old Stonner
dog we supposed was dead. he was at wisdoms
on white ask(?)
more wonderful still Judge Green [illegible] Dalt
SH Chism to practice(?) law yesterday.

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Letter, 4 pages, 9.75" x 7.75"


Correspondence; Civil War; Political conventions; Political activity


John J. Walker

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Ozark, Franklin County (Ark.)




MS.000123, Item 6

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William W. Mansfield collection, MS.000123


Arkansas State Archives

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Arkansas State Archives

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Letter, John J. Walker to W.W. Mansfield, William W. Mansfield collection, Arkansas State Archives, Little Rock, Arkansas.


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