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1864 January 31


Letter from John H. Jameson in a Union prison camp in Alton, Illinois to his wife, Thirsaline. Jameson assures his wife that he is doing well and asks her to send him her likeness if she can but not clothes. He instructs her to tell Uncle Dodge that he has not seen Stephens and Coleman and he doesn't believe they are in the prison.


Military Prison Alton Ill Jan 31 1864
Mrs. Thirsaline Jameson Dear Wife I seat
my self this Sabbath to answer your kind letter
which came to hand the first of this mont[sic][.] I was glad
to hear from you again and to hear that you was[sic]
well[.] you sayd[sic] you wanted to know if you could send me a suit
of clothing by a lady that llived near alton[.] you had better
not send them[.] if it get so that I can get them I will write
for them[.] your likness[sic] you can send and I guess I will get
them for I want them vary[sic] bad. you wanted to know how
that I left my confederate money with [sic][.] I left it with Richard
Walker a sargent[sic] of our company[.] you can tell uncel[sic] dodge
that Stephens and Colman are not hear[sic][.] if they are I
I have not formed eney[sic] acquantance[sic] with them and do not
think they are hear[sic][.] Dear wife I want to see you and the
children vary[sic] bad and Also all of the Rest of the famley[sic][.] tell
ma & pa & Mol & Will that I would like to strike hand
with them once more in life[.] gave[sic] my Respect to aunt
Sindy[,] my respect and tell her that I recieved her respects
vary[sic] grateful[.] gave[sic] my respects to Uncle Doge and family
and G.H. Steel William Belise and family to[.] this
leave[sic] me in good health[.] you must rite on the reseption[sic]
of this[.] I feel to hope if we are never permited[sic]
to meet on Earth that we will meet in Heaven
So I will subscribe myself yours as well John H. Jameson

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Letter, 9.75" x 7.75"


Civil War; Correspondence; Spouses; Prisoners of war; Prisons


John H. Jameson

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Alton, Madison County (Ill.)





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Small manuscript collection


Arkansas State Archives

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Arkansas State Archives

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Letter, John H. Jameson to Thirsaline Jameson, Small manuscript collection, Arkansas State Archives, Little Rock, Arkansas.


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Letter, John H. Jameson to Thirsaline Jameson