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1819 November 09


This document is the last will and testament of Lawrence Bradly.

Biographical/Historical Note

This is a prime example of a will of a common man found on the frontier. His will simply states that his wife is to receive his possessions to portion out as she sees fit to their children at the appropriate time. Bradly also stipulates that his slave, Jim, is to be hired out yearly until the youngest child reaches legal age. The folds in this document indicate that it was mailed or potentially delivered to Davidsonville by the witnesses, William Johnson and Jeremiah Cornwell, whose signatures are an indication of their sworn statement to the county clerk, Richard Searcy.


in the Name of god amen
I Lawrence Bradly being in a low
state of health and Calling to mind that
all men has to die being in my perfect
mind do comti--- this my last will
and testement I turn frst[first] I wish all
my just debts to be discharged I turn
second I give and beqieath unto my beloved
wife Betsy[sic] Bradly all my Wordy[Worldly] Estate
During her natural life I do further
Constitute my son George Bradly and
my wife Betsy Bradly to be Executors
of my Estate I want my negro man jim
hired out from year to year until the
youngest Child comes to be of of[sic] lgal[legal] age
I turn I wish my wife at her own Discrss=-ion[discretion]
to give what she thinks propper[sic] to
my Children as the[they] come to age of discaition[discretion]
and the above is my last will and testa=
ment wit ness[witness] my hand and seal
S Lawrene[Laerence] (his) L (mark) Bradly
Witness pesent[present]
William Johnson
Joab - - - - - -
Jeremiah Cornwell
Territory of Arkansas
County of Lawrence
Personally appeared before the -
undersind[undersigned] clerk of the circuit
court in and for the county afor---d[aforesaid]
the within named William Johnson and Jerimiah Cornwall
subscribing witnesses to the within will and Testament of
Lawrence Bradly deceased who being duly sworn says
that they were present and saw the said Bradly deceased
make his mark to the within and A------ will
which was fully read to him with the contents of which
- - - appeared to be fully acquainted and that the said
deceased published and acknowledged the sa--- to be
his last will and Testament who was at the said - - -
to all appeare---[appeared] of sound and - - - mind and
miniory[sic] and that they together with the other subscribing
witness to said well signed the same as such in the
presence of each other and of the said Testater
Wm[William] Johnson
Jeremiah Cornwell
Sworn to and subsribed to before
me clerk of the circuit court in
- - - this 6th day of November
AD 1819~
Richd[Richard] Searcy Clk[clerk]
last will
recorded 9th
November 1819 in
Book B folio
25 and 26
R Searcy Slk
- - -

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Document, 12.5" x 7.5"


Law; Frontier and pioneer life; Wills; Estates; Inheritance and succession; Family; Probate law and practice


Lawrence Bradly

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Lawrence County (Ark.)




MSNE.0054, Box 3, Folder 187

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Lawrence County (Ark.) probate records, MSNE.0054


Arkansas State Archives

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Northeast Arkansas Regional Archives

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Probate, Lawrence Bradly will, Northeast Arkansas Regional Archives, Powhatan, Arkansas.


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Probate, Lawrence Bradly will