This Arkansas death records index provides the location of death records as published in church publications, cemetery records, mortality censuses, newspaper obituaries, and county and local records in the Arkansas State Archives' holdings.

Records include the name of the deceased, the source in which to find the death record, and the record's date. In the case of obituaries and similar records, the recorded date is the day on which the obituary was published, not necessarily the day the person died, while cemetery records show the date listed on the person's gravestone. To view the records associated with these index entries, please visit to the Arkansas State Archives.

This portion of records includes last names beginning with letters C-D.


Submissions from 2021

Decker, John F.

Delaney, Virginia

Denney, F.M.

Dickson, James P.

Dillard, W.H.

Doak, John W.

Dollar, William

Drake, Bynum Jerome

Drew, Thomas S.

Drew, Thomas S.

Submissions from 2006

Cabine, Manson

Caddy, Weldon

Cage, Leo S.

Cagle, Nancy Catherine

Caldwell, Bobby Doyle

Caldwell, Ernest

Caldwell, Eula Mae

Caldwell, Freddie Mae

Caldwell, Martha Sue

Caldwell, Mary

Caldwell, Opal Christine

Callahan, John Albert

Callahan, John Albert

Call, Marie Nolen

Calloway, Ginger K. Summerford

Calloway, Hattie Willene Robinson

Calvert, Kelly

Calvert, Ollie T.

Cameron, Thomas Brian

Campbell, Carolyn Switzer

Campbell, David Lynn

Campbell, Kathryn

Campbell, Shirley Anece

Cannada, Frank

Cannady, Richard Marquis

Cannatella, Matthew James

Cannon, Cloyce Ray

Cannon, Robert Steven

Cannon, Tammy Renee

Cantrell, Christy Ann

Cantrell, Robert P.

Cantrell, Terry Lynn

Caperton, Ruth Kyle Shelton

Caple, Lloyd E.

Caple, Paricia

Caples, Gary

Caplinger, Ellean

Capps, Johnny

Caraway, Billly Joe Wayne

Cargile, Dale

Cariker, Erma Lee

Carlisle, Ernestine Garrison

Carllee, Anna Marie Catherine Flynn

Carlock, Otis

Carlson, Daniel

Carlson, Ethel

Carlton, Michael Shawn

Carmack, Elmer F.

Carmack, Joseph Monroe

Carman, Murner

Carmical, Cecil Avalon

Carmichael, Charles Houston

Carnahan, Harriet Kathleen

Carpenter, Alfred D.

Carpenter, Doug

Carpenter, James E.

Carpenter, Thomas

Carroll, Betty Jane Nesbitt

Carroll, Ella Maye

Carroll, Nellie

Carr, Verner

Carson, Annette

Carson (Ciolkosz), Vincent Casimir

Carson, Gerald

Carson, Rita Rowe

Carter, Frederal Elmo

Carter, Gene

Carter, Jetta Berneice

Carter, Lawrence William

Carter, Lester

Carter, Lorene Smith

Carter, Loyd Dwain

Carter, Onie Lane Weems

Carter, Raymond Derrington

Carter, Ronnie Lowell

Carter, Rosetta Terry

Carter, William G.

Caruthers, Frances H.

Caruthers, Frances H.

Casar, Kay Jean Pustay

Case, James Calvin

Case, Nora Lee

Casey, Lillie Mae

Casey, Vallie Cook

Caskin, James D.

Cason, Tula Marie

Cassady, Robert Lee

Cassady, Robert Lee

Cassady, Robert Lee

Casselman, Motty M.