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1875 July 1-August 14

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Fort Smith, Sebastian County (Ark.); Polk County (Ark.); Crawford County (Ark.); Limestone Gap, Choctaw Nation; Vinita, Cherokee Nation; Tishomingo, Chickasaw Nation; Elm Springs, Choctaw Nation, Boggy Depot, Choctaw Nation; Caddo, Chickasaw Nation; Stringtown, Choctaw Nation; Eufaula, Creek Nation; Armstrong Academy, Choctaw Nation; Muskogee, Creek Nation; Shawneetown, Choctaw Nation; Boonsboro, Washington County (Ark.); Flint District, Cherokee Nation; Quapaw Reservation, Quapaw Nation; Peoria Reservation, Peoria Nation; Paul's Valley, Chickasaw Nation; Choteau, Cherokee Nation; Webbers Falls, Cherokee Nation; Doaksville, Choctaw Nation; Scullyville, Choctaw Nation; Colbert's Ferry, Choctaw Nation; Red River, Choctaw Nation




MS.000962, Box 39, Folder 4, Item 18

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United States Western District Court of Arkansas records, MS.000962


Arkansas State Archives

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Arkansas State Archives

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Item 39_04_018, United States Western District Court of Arkansas records, Arkansas State Archives, Little Rock, Arkansas.


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United States History


Filed 1876 August 14, Stephen Wheeler, clerk


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1876 August 14: Abstract, includes compensation for witnesses; Robert P. Summers, John Swain, Hegeniah Warden, Francis A. Hill, Alfred G. Griffith, Richard Mouros, Darris Kelley, Samuel Edmondson, Jackson Kemps, Tom Tyson, Richard Wright, Lawson A. Morris, Ben Dillard, John McWilliams, George C. Bailey, Thomas McGilbrey, Asa W. James, Elizabeth Coleman, Henry H. Brooks, Elias Murdy, Jackson Wright, Nisa Grayson, Olsm Kennedy, Wilson Ross, James Barnett, John Winemiller, William S. Nash, William Troutt, Robert Garvin, J.R. Wright, Crawfish, Joseph Ponies, Pass Henson, Richard M. Walker, Eli Scott, Daniel Miller, Le Grand Gray, George Williams, Samuel La Rus, John R. Lyon, David Mays, L. Hartsfield, Thomas Williams, Ellis Cooch, Stephen A. Donald, John Island, Charles P. Phibrien, John E. Coon, William Thompson, Ward Hawkins, John Robinson, George Taffs, William Fisher, Stephen F. Richards, John A. Mitchell, Delaware Sam, James W. Swearingern, Harry Still, Daniel A. Morman, George Kelly, Isaac Williams, Benj F. Smallwood, Phillip Love, Samuel W. Jacobs, Hugh Henry, Ben Optenheiner, William P. Yeaden, Cha-ta-da-da-see, George W. Jackson, James M. Scovil, James R. Robinson, Phoebs Scott, Daniel Harris, witnesses; James F. Fagan, U.S. marshal; Stephen Wheeler, clerk