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1890 July 01-September 24

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Fort Smith, Sebastian County (Ark.); Yardelle, Newton County (Ark.); Mount Judea, Newton County (Ark.); Grant, Montgomery County (Ark.); Eureka Springs, Carroll County (Ark.); Auburn, Sebastian County (Ark.); Uniontown, Crawford County (Ark.); Cecil, Franklin County (Ark.); Graphic, Crawford County (Ark.); Springdale, Washington County (Ark.); Huntington, Sebastian County (Ark.); Van Buren, Crawford County (Ark.); Bloomer, Sebastian County (Ark.); Burnsville, Sebastian County (Ark.); Mulberry, Crawford County (Ark.); Batavia, Scott County (Ark.); Mossville, Newton County (Ark.); Ozone, Johnson County (Ark.); Drake's Creek, Madison County (Ark.); Mount Parthenon, Newton County (Ark.); Dardanelle, Polk County (Ark.); Paris, Logan County (Ark.); Prairie Grove, Washington County (Ark.)




MS.000962, Box 41, Folder 2, Item 16

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United States Western District Court of Arkansas records, MS.000962


Arkansas State Archives

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Arkansas State Archives

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Item 41_02_16, United States Western District Court of Arkansas records, Arkansas State Archives, Little Rock, Arkansas.


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1890 September 24: Voucher, of compensation to grand jurors; James Mitchell, Earnest Pope, Hiram Chism, Henry Simpson, Frank Parke, Granville Hornback, Patrick M. Connell, William Vogle, Robert Green, J. Herman Krone, Thomas Ulmer, Ed Botsphus, William H. Paterson, Isaiah Bruce, James Williamson, Ellen E. Goddard, Abe Walker, Robert H. Adair, grand jurors; voucher, of compensation to petit jurors; George W. Cooper, Joseph H. Crines, George W.R. Smith, Hugh McClure, Daniel S. Alstat, Elias R. Breeden, Luther R. Berkley, Evan Creeksman, Charles W. Baker, William F. Clift, Allen D. Chandler, James D. Albaugh, George H. Carson, Franklin W. Dunn, David Conlson, Fielding Guthrie, Jeremiah J. Haynes, John M. Robinson, William Logue, Robert Henderson, Nathan Jackson, Edward Thompson, James C. Wilkerson, Martin Bridges, Fred I. Dean, Alex May, Eugene A. Seeley, George W. Gunder, James Turner, John Armstrong, Landon Sutton, Porter A. Sowage, Robert Lecky, Samuel Lawrence, William F. Ward, Ed McDaniel, John Kuhney, Anderson Rogers, Jesse Duke, Frank Kane, William Holmes, John P. Franklin, George B. Needles, Jack Reynolds, Henry St. Clair, Henry Williams, Anton Schuster, William A. Hays, George W. Hancock, John S. Bastick, William H. Jacobs, John H. Bloomberg, Robert Henderson, Jarris L. Barker, John G. Whiting, petit jurors; Stephen Wheeler, clerk; I.M. Dodge, deputy clerk