After seventeen years as a territory, on June 15, 1836, Arkansas was admitted to the Union as the twenty-fifth state. In 1905 the Arkansas History Commission was established by the Arkansas General Assembly to serve as the state’s official archives. Renamed the Arkansas State Archives in 2016, this institution continues to gather and preserve many of Arkansas’s valuable government records.


Browse the State government records Collections:

Arkansas and Missouri Union Army muster rolls, 1863-1864

Arkansas Civil Appointment records, 1819-1958

Arkansas Constitutions

Arkansas General Assembly Composite images, 1866-2011

Arkansas Secession Ordinance, 1861 May 6

Arkansas Territory General Assembly records, 1819-1820; 1835

Arkansas Territory official correspondence, 1825-1828

Brooks-Baxter War telegrams, 1874

Civil War Maimed Soldiers lists, 1867

Independence County records, 1825-1852

Medical Board of the Trans-Mississippi Department of the Confederate States Army records, 1862-1865

Military Board of Arkansas records, 1861-1865

Quapaw Treaty, 1824 November 15

Register of Legal Voters, 1867-1868