Joseph Shrader, born in Orel, Russia, in 1870, became a photographer in 1885. He immigrated to the United States in 1892. In 1910, he moved to Little Rock and opened the Shrader Studio at ½ Main Street. Shrader was joined in the business by Bertha Frank Shrader, who he married in Memphis, Tennessee, in 1900. When son Buddy joined the family, the Shraders began equipping him early in his life to join the family business. After a fire in December 1933, Shrader reopened shop at 305 Main Street with 8 to 10 staff.

In addition to photographing Arkansans of all walks of life, Shrader was for many years the official photographer for the Arkansas Senate, Arkansas House of Representatives, the Law School, the Medical School, the Junior College, and Little Rock schools including the high school, Catholic High, and Mount St. Mary's Academy.

The Shrader Studio negatives collection images spans the years 1932-1979. While the earlier portion of the collection consists of entirely black and white negatives, the later years include color negatives.

Due to an unverified inventory, some images prior to 1936 may not exist in ASA collections. Images after 1936 can consistently be located.

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Submissions from 1932

McIntosh, Clarence

McKenzie, Ury

McKeowns, Frank

McKnight, Milton

McRae, Carleton

McSpadden, Ray

Meadow, Jacob R.

Millard, Beryle

Miller, Bessie

Miller, Hugh

Moore, Fannie

Moore, Mabel

Morris, Ernestine

Moses, Doris

Murphy, Hugh

Nolen, Edward

Norton, Marjorie

Ord, W. E.

Owens, Charles

Owens, Robert

Padgett, Burton

Parks, Albert

Parse, Richard

Patterson, Coach S. J. Jr.

Patterson, Hugh

Poindexter, Gene

Ponder, Harry

Pool, Burk

Pool, Cuthburt

Potter, Ardelia

Prather, Augusta

Pugh, J. Roy

Reaves, Clara

Reynolds, Mabel

Robertson, Ethel

Robinson, George

Robinson, Nell

Ross, Mary Wood

Rush, Stella

Rutherford, Katherine

Sain, Evelyn

Sbipes, Kenneth

Scales, Mattie Lee

Schlater, Myron

Schmidt, Helen

Shannon, Marjorie

Sligh, Katherine

Sligh, Margaret

Smith, Helen

Smith, Una

Snell, Montrine

Spragin, Betts

Staggs, Paul

Stroud, Albert

Sullivan, Helen

Sutherland, Bill

Tarver, Mary E.

Thompson, Kelley

Timmons, Cyrus

Timmons, R. K.

Torrence, Hazel

Torrence, Mrs. Lucy

Torrence, Ruth

Trimble, Mac

Vance, Louise

Walkup, Douglas

Wallace, T. F.

Ward, Glenn

Wattenbarger, Nora

Whitaker, A. W. Jr.

Wiley, Anne Louise

Williams, Murriel

Williams, S. W.

Witherspoon, Dorothy

Witherspoon, Marjorie

Wood, Chester

Wylie, B. F.

Yetter, Kermitt

Youmans, Madeline