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1918 April 28


Letter from Benjamin Franklin Clark to Flora Hamilton about life in Camp Pike.


[Page 1] Camp Pike
April 28, 1918
Dear Flora:-
I left Conway
friday night, got here and into
my barracks before twelve but
there was little sleep for me.
The song here is "I had
a good home, but I had
to leave it," and "We're
in the mary now."
We were examined this morning
[Page 2] and vaccinated for small pox
and inoculated for typhoid
and I am rather sore from
the latter. The first of course
will not take. I have just
finished dressing in my
first uniform, gift of Uncle
Sam and worn in his honor.
I see from this window some
other men writing, some talking
some marching, some just arriving
and some "shooting craps,"
some losing, and some winning
[Page 3] money, some playing ball,
and some sight seeing.
This is the regular days
program. We have a very
good equipment and a
pleasant place to sleep and
plenty of well cooked food to eat
but that is not the thing that
it has always taken to make
me happy. This is not
my choice of life but I
guess I can live it if the
rest can. We were given a
[Page 4] real Sunday dinner today
with ice cream and cake
for dessert.
Flora, when I left Vilonia
school thursday, I left my
students crying as if their
hearts would break, and they
gave me lots of nice presents
and bouquets and one little
girl gave me a fine chocolate
cake which I have enjoyed
very much. I have not been
on duty yet except to help
[Page 5] clean up the grounds but
my time will come soon
This swearing, card playing
and crap shooting may go on
here forever but I for one
will not take part in it.
I have something more pleasant
to occupy my mind.
Don't know when I may see you.
Write me at Camp Pike,
Company 30, 8th Tr. Br.
Love and good wishes
from Ben

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Document, 8.5" x 11"


World War I, 1914-1918


Benjamin Franklin Clark

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MS.000581, Box 1


Clark-Hamilton papers, MS.000581


Arkansas State Archives

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Clark Hamilton Letter, Clark-Hamilton papers, Arkansas State Archives, Little Rock, Arkansas.


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