E. C. Browning

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1899 November 29


Letter from E.C. Browning to Senator Turner Butler approving of Butler's support of women's suffrage.


[Page 1] Little Rock Ark. Nov. 29, 1899.
Senator Butler,
Honored sir,
Although a stran-
ger to you I wish to express my
appreciation and approval of
of your very excellent address
on the right of woman to the elec-
tive franchise. Intelligence and
good, law abiding citizenship, ought
to be the criterion for the voter.
Moral and social reforms move
slowly, until the time comes when
a sudden breaking away of the
clouds, lets in the sunlight.
Patience and persistency are neces-
sary to success in the field of hu-
man progress.
Many victories have been achieved
and many more will come.
Not the least will be the emanci-
pation of woman.
Put into her hand this weapon,
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[Page 2] A weapon that comes down as still
as snowflakes fall upon the sod;
But executes a freeman's will,
as lightning does the will of God;
And from its force, nor doors, nor looks
can shield you; 'tis the Ballot Box.
Put this weapon in the hand of woman and
the saloon, baudy houses etc. will
be driven from the land.
Purity instead of corruption will
be at a premium in policis.
A leading politician said to the
writer; "I know you are right, but
I would rather have the support
of one saloon and its hangers on,
in politics, secretly given, than of
ten preachers, teachers, and one hun-
dred good citizens openly avowed.
The former controls the tenth, more
or less, that controls elections, and
the party that can manipulate
them, will succeed nine times out
or ten." Still, voting down the inherent
rights of the most intelligent and pure
conservators of society, will sometime case.
Resp., E.C. Browning

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Women's suffrage; Women's rights; Political issues; Political elections; politics; Politics and government

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MS.000201, Box 3, Folder 23


Wassell family papers, MS.000201


Arkansas State Archives

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Arkansas State Archives

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Letter from E.C. Browning to Senator Butler, Wassell family papers, Arkansas State Archives, Little Rock, Arkansas.


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