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1833 June 19


Letter from Richard W. Hamum to William S. Fulton regarding pay for the Quapaws and how they are being treated.


[Page 1] To the honorable
William S. Fulton
Little Rock June 19th 1833
Sir, I came to this place for the purpose of preparing and stating
my Quapaw account with the Government of the U States. It seems
that W. Barraques account has not been made out in form and that
a new account must be prepared in conformity with the 14th article
of the regulations of June 21 1832. W. Barraques resides on his farm
at least one hundred and thirty miles from this place by water and
at least seventy by land. In consequence of the high rise in the Arkansas
the country in its vicinity is almost entirely over flown, consequently in
returning to the agency if I go by land I will be obliged to take a
circulous rout to avoid the overflow from the river as every week creek in
its vicinity is backed. I therefor would prefer to wait a few days for
a steam boat conveyance if it should meet your aprobation.
I am required to state upon what authority I made the purchase
of the blankets and other articles for the Indians. I was repeatedly
solicited by the Indians to furnish them with such articles indeed my own
observation concerned me that something should be done for them as many of
the widows and children were nearly naked and they had not bread to
eat nor powder and lead to make a hunt. In fact they have been so
harrassed by the white settlers that they have been driven to desperation.
Their improvements have been taken from them or sold over their heads by persons
that had no claim to the land. Gov Pope informed mee that the
Honorable E. Herring Coms of Indian affairs at Washington [illegible had forwarded
a draft for $2500 which draft was sold for US paper. He put the
money into my hands and directed me to exchange it for specie. I exchanged
a part of it in this town and a part of it I exchanged in steam and trading
boats. I paid the Indians on pay role no 1 $1500.25 I paid them
on pay role no 2 $141.20. I paid Anoins Barraques account amounting
to $340 I paid a Barraque on Joseph Duchasin order $70. I retained
in my own hand $150 to pay expences to Cantonment Gibson approved by
Gov. Pope and certified as reasonalbe by W. Schermerhorn. I likewise had the
written approbation of the chiefs to that affect indeed it was a spartaneous act
of their own. The only act of my own that I exercised any discretion was
furnishing this Indians with the amt. of Barraques account -- and that after
consulting Gov Pope. The letters from W. Henry to Gov Pope is
[Page 2] within my reach. I presume that it is filed away with Gov. Pope's papers.
W. Herring directed that $1500 be paid the Indians as part of their
annuity. That $1000 was a donation from the Gov. that Baraques account
was to be paid out of it that sum the ballance to expended for the benefit
of the Indians agreeably to the discretion of Gov Pope. I was directected to make
no more purhcases for the Indians which I will observe. Nor will I draw on
the war department for my salary. I have been put to great expense in travelling
to this place and returning to the agency on Indian business. Perhaps
there is no agency in the union that has been attended with less expense to the Govt
than the Quapaw agency. It seems I am to have no pay until Congress mAkes an
appropriation when the superintendent will be furnished with money to pay my salary
On my arrival to Cantonment Gibson I was informed that Gov Pope
Had left here for Kentucky. I was liekwise informed that you was confined to your
bed by sickenss which is my apology for directing a letter to W. Herring
on Indian affairs. I have the honor to be with
great respect your ob humble s.
Richd W. Hamum

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Native Americans; Quapaws; Correspondence; Treatment

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MS.000064, Box 2, Folder 14


L.C. Gulley collection, MS.000064


Arkansas State Archives

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Letter from Richard W. Hamum to William S. Fulton, L.C. Gulley collection, Arkansas State Archives, Little Rock, Arkansas.


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Letter from Richard W. Hamum to William S. Fulton