George Welch

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1931 January 10


Handwritten letter from George Welch in Marked Tree, Arkansas, to Governor Harvey Parnell, requesting assistance in finding work in order to support his family.


Marked Tree, Ark.
Jan. 10, 1931
Mr. Harvey Parnell Gov.
Little Rock, Ark.
[Notation in corner] Douth needs help working for 2.00 per week
Dear Governor
I the undersined [undersigned] am making
application for emploiment [employment] am
a gettin in bad condition I made
a shair crop [sharecrop] and lost bad 35 acres
to cotton my landlord wouldn't
alow [allow] me to plant any to corn
wanted all in cotton and the 35 acers [acres]
made 6 bales and a rimlet and
my land lord tryed [tried] to put me out
of leases wanted the house and
is standing empty we have
lined up our cumilation [cumulation] of food
and haven't got any clothing
I had to moove [move] to town am woorking [working]
for the Leevy Bard [Levy Board?] as dreanage [drainage?]cutting
and clearing the banks of ditches
and rivers gettin two dollars $2.00
per week with 5 in family.
My age 53 wife 42 boy 16 girl 10 girl 7
all in bad shap [shape] for clothes. I got food
like this flour for 3 days lard for
3 days no potatoes Irish no meal
no meat beans for a week and
haven't got any thaing [thing]else to go
and dear Governor I can't get by
on two dollars $2.00 per week.
I want woork [work]for me and my boy
that is all I want in woork and pay for it
if I can get it but I've got to have relief
in some maner[manner] thay [they] won't let but one
of us near the boy woork and can't get but
$2.00 per week when the people ask
for ade [aid]these people call them out and
tell them to woork [work] for it and they
won't give us but $2.00 per week how can
we get any thaing [anything] I am looking
to you for adjustment thanking you
for all favors.
Yours I am
Geo. W. Welch

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Document, 2 handwritten pages


Droughts; Farming; Farm relief; Farmers

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MS.000559, Box 3, Folder 6

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Harvey Parnell papers supplement, MS.000559


Arkansas State Archives

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Letter from George Welch to Governor Harvey Parnell, Harvey Parnell papers supplement, Arkansas State Archives, Little Rock, Arkansas.


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