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This collection contains the appointment of William Henry Halliburton as Chief Collector for the State of Arkansas and his autobiography.

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William Henry Halliburton was born November 4, 1816, in Stewart County, Tennessee, to Thomas and Lucinda Herndon Halliburton. On September 27, 1838, he married Elizabeth C. Altom in Benton County, Tennessee. In 1839, Halliburton was elected Colonel of the 113th Regiment of Tennessee State Militia. He and Elizabeth moved to Arkansas Post in April 1845. They had four children: Juliet, Henry (known as Hal), Gulnare, and John. Elizabeth died in 1848. He married Hannah Jacobs shortly after his first wife's death, and they had several children: Kate, Lucinda, Margaret, and Jennie. Halliburton was admitted to the Arkansas Bar in April 1847 and was appointed deputy sheriff of Arkansas County the same day. In 1850, he was elected county clerk and served in the two positions simultaneously. His second wife, Hannah, died in 1857, and in the same year, he moved from Arkansas Post to DeWitt and helped found the city. He was appointed as Commissioner of Public Holdings for Arkansas County in 1858 and chose the building plan for the courthouse. In 1861, Halliburton was appointed by President Jefferson Davis of the Confederate States of America as Chief Collector of the war tax for Arkansas. During the Civil War, he moved his family to Little Rock, but after federal troops took over the city, he returned to DeWitt, where he continued to practice law. He married Mary S. Belknap Patrick December 9, 1867. In 1884, he was elected state representative and served three terms. He wrote "History of Arkansas County," which was published with his granddaughter Cecile Greer's help. He died on November 18, 1912, at the age of 96.

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William H. Halliburton papers, SMC.008.014


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William H. Halliburton papers, Arkansas State Archives, Little Rock, Arkansas.


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