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This collection contains photocopies of correspondence, manuscript literary works, and news clippings.

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John Sevier (Sr.) was born on September 23, 1745, in Augusta, Virginia. He served in the Revolutionary War and as the only governor of the State of Franklin in what is now eastern Tennessee. He also served in the Tennessee State Senate and the United States House of Representatives. John Sevier had ten children by his first wife: Joseph II, James, John Jr., Elizabeth, Sarah, Mary Ann, Valentine, Robert, Rebecca, and Nancy, and eight by his second wife, Catherine, George, Ruth, Joanna, Samuel, Polly, Eliza, and Robert. John Sevier Jr. was born in Frederick, Virginia, on June 20, 1766, and with his second wife had seven children: Sarah, William, Samuel, James, Elizabeth, John Sevier III, and Thomas. With his third wife, he had eight: Sarah Hundley, John Garoutte, Elizabeth Conway, Sophia Smith Garoutte, Louisa Rebecca, Michael Robert, George, Anna Maria, Archibald McAfee, and Martha Ann. John Sevier Jr.'s daughter, Sarah Hundley Sevier, married Robert Humphreys. Together, they had one daughter, Emmetta Humphreys. She was the administratrix of General John Sevier and John Sevier, Jr.'s, estates in a court battle to restore lands belonging to the Sevier family. The land had been taken by the United States government and ceded to American Indians. Sarah Hundley remarried after the death of her husband, and had one daughter, Martha E. Curry, who married William D. Wilden and settled in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. John Sevier, Jr.'s, daughter, Elizabeth Conway Sevier, married Charles Potter Byers, with whom she had two children. John Sevier, Jr.'s, daughter, Martha Ann Sevier, married Thomas Potts Price. Their son, Frank J. Price, settled in Milford, Pennsylvania. John Sevier, Jr.'s, son, Michael Robert Sevier, married Sarah Bayless, with whom he had six children: Elbridge Gerry, Sophia T., Jonathan, Leonidas, Robert Edward, and Sarah. Sophia T. Sevier married Albert A. Mosley and settled in Mayflower, Arkansas. John, Jr.'s, youngest, Anna Maria, married Henry Hoss, with whom she had nine children. One of these, Martha (nicknamed Mattie), married Philander Prince and settled in Conway, Arkansas. Robert Edward (Bob), son of Michael Robert Sevier, also settled in Conway, while Leonidas settled in Oil Trough, Arkansas, and Elbridge Gerry settled in Houston, Arkansas.

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Document, 8.5" x 11"

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Sevier family papers, MS.000097


Arkansas State Archives

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Sevier Family papers, Arkansas State Archives, Little Rock, Arkansas.


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