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This collection is comprised of photographs taken during the unveiling of the Old Mound Cemetery historical marker in 2008. The Black History Commission of Arkansas (BHCA) was created by Act 1233 of 1991 and is composed of seven members appointed by the governor with approval of the Senate. The BHCA is charged with preserving the history of black Arkansans and black communities in Arkansas. This commission also encourages research of Arkansas’s black history and promotes teaching black history in Arkansas schools. Grants are awarded from the BHCA in a concerted effort to ensure Arkansas’s black history is collected and preserved.

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Located in the southeast region of the Arkansas Delta in Desha County, Old Mound Cemetery is a prehistoric and historic burial site. The mound was originally a Native American earthen mound, estimated to have been built between 1200 and 1600 AD. Early settlers to the region buried people on the mound where graves sites would be safe from the Mississippi River flooding. The oldest known burial dates to 1866. Before the Civil War, slaves were buried at the foot of the mound, and whites were buried near the top. Later, once levees had been built to stave off flood waters, burials were done around the mound. Members of historic black fraternal societies are interred at the burial site, including Prince Hall Freemasons, Mosaic Templars of America, Royal Circle of Friends, and Knights and Daughters of Tabor. Other notable burials include veterans as well as some family members of Arkansas State Representative I.G. Bailey. In 2008, the cemetery was added to the National Register of Historic Places. The Old Mound Cemetery historical marker was funded by the Black History Commission of Arkansas.

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Memorial Garden Cemetery (Old Mound) grand project, MS.000740


Arkansas State Archives

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Memorial Garden Cemetery (Old Mound) grand project, Arkansas State Archives, Little Rock, Arkansas.


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