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This collection consists of different formats of the 1973 short documentary film “A Man and a River,” by Thomas Hart Benton. The formats are one 16mm film, two DVDs, and a digital copy on ASA’s internal hard drive.

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Thomas Hart Benton was born on April 15, 1889 in Missouri to Maecenus Eason and Elizabeth Wise Benton. The first of four children, Thomas Hart Benton was named after his grand-uncle, U.S. Senator Thomas Hart Benton, one of first senators for the state of Missouri. Benton became interested in art at a young age and eventually his artistic study included attendance at the Art Institute of Chicago as well as the Academie Julien abroad in Paris. Benton’s work, particularly his murals, were both admired and viewed as controversial artworks. Later in his career, Benton became enamored with rural and small town American life, subjects that came to form his Regionalist art style. This led to trips into rural areas in his home state of Missouri, areas in northwest Arkansas, and the Ozarks. Benton fought to keep dams from being built on the Buffalo River, one of his favorite attractions in Arkansas. “A Man and a River” is a short documentary film produced by the Environmental Protection Agency on Benton’s love of the Buffalo River, how it factored into his artwork, and his effort to conserve the river and its natural beauty.

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A Man and a River: a documentary film, MS.000738


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