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Folder contains license to John Stuart from A. H. Logan, Jackson County Clerk witnessed by William R. Jones, to operate ferry on the Cache River.

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With the arrival of American settlers, steamboats began plying the waters of the Cache River, and towns were established in its vicinity. However, the towns, established along the White River, which runs nearly parallel to the Cache from Newport (Jackson County) on south, grew larger, given the White River’s greater reach and use as a transportation corridor. The settlement of Elizabeth, situated on the White River, was the busiest town in the county during the 1830s and 40s Riverboats, which began running on the White River in 1831, helped Elizabeth thrive as a river port. In addition, the town was near an established east-west road that passed through the county. In 1839, the Jackson county seat moved to Elizabeth. Old Elizabeth, as it was later known, was taken by the river in later years. As the river changed course, its banks, where the community was built, eroded into the river so that later no evidence of Elizabeth existed except in records. The county seat moved from Elizabeth to Augusta in 1852. William Richard Jones, born in Kentucky in 1829, was the son of William B. and Mary Walker (Stith) Jones. He moved to Jacksonport, Arkansas in 1851, married Kate Hudson and practiced law in Jackson County for many years. Alexander H. Logan, born in Illinois about 1825, came to Jackson County prior to 1850. He married Rebecca D. Logan and they had at least five children. He served as Jackson County Clerk from 1848-1852 and as County Sheriff from 1856-1862.

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John Stuart ferry license, SMC.036.015


Arkansas State Archives

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John Stuart ferry license, Arkansas State Archives, Little Rock, Arkansas.


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