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1917 October 10


Letter from Sam Ethridge at Camp Pike to his future wife, Nathalia Kauffman, who he calls "Honey Bunch."

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Samuel E. Ethridge was the son of John W. and Victoria Ethridge. His wife, Nathalia, was born in 1899 in Alabama. Before the war, Sam worked as a tinner in Little Rock. Nathalia was an exercise teacher in the public schools. They married on April 29, 1920.


Camp Pike Ark
My dear Honey Bunch: -
I arrived here all O.K. at
12:45 am Monday[.] Rained some
before I did get back. Rather
cold these mornings. We are permitted
to drill with our coats until first
recess but after that they must
be left in barracks.
Were issued our overcoats yesterday[.]
Haven't heard from our uniforms
yet but will probably get
from them this week. Dont [sic]
expect that I will leave again
until Saturday as our time is
too short other nights. Doesnt [sic]
give enough time to do much
and return in time to get sleep.
This getting up at 5:30 am is
getting the best of me. Also
going to bed at 9 pm.
Some call this butterfly life.
There is some talk of us
being transfered [sic] to National
Guards but we cant [sic] believe
everything we hear. I am
well enough pleased to stay
at Camp Pike but if I were
given my preference L Rock
would be my chouce.
I heard from the fellow that
I left "Elizabeth" in charge of
He has sold her. So I dont [sic]
get "Lizzie" no mo. He didnt [sic]
give me the name of the party
as he didn't have much time
to write much. I hope
the new owner will be satisfied
with her as I was. If I am
lucky enough to get out of this
Army to stay I intend to have
me another Ford and a new
one at that. I would be lost
without a car if I was turned
Say I had my hair cut this
P.M. It didn't bleed a drop
either. We have a very good
barber in our company. A
L.R. Boy[.] Also have a tailor
all kind of professional and
unprofessional men. (?)
a number of Farmers
Honey I be d-- if I
can write anything of interest
all I can say is to save your
money and dont [sic] stand up in
the boat.
Today we signed for Liberty
Bond to be paid in 10 payments
of $5.00 each to be deducted from
our pay[.] Will be a savings for us
Honey I will try and write more
next time. With lots of love
for you.
Write me soon as you have time
Co. D. 345 Inf Camp Pike Ark
Give Threasa, Fannie & Henry
my Best wishes and also that
I enjoyed my stay with your
folks Sunday. I always feel
at home with you all at
all times. Be a good girl
and dont [sic] quarrel with your
Sis anymore.
By By Honey Bunch

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Letter, 5 pages, 5" x 7.75"


World War I; War; Military camps; correspondence; Military life


Sam Ethridge

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Camp Pike, Pulaski County (Ark.)




MS.000107, Box 1, Folder 3, Item 3

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Kauffman-Etheridge collection, MS.000107


Arkansas State Archives

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Arkansas State Archives

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Letter, Sam Ethridge to "Honey Bunch" (Nathalia Kauffman), 1917 October 10, Kauffman-Etheridge collection, Arkansas State Archives, Little Rock, Arkansas.


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