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1888 January


This is a copy order of a petition and court answer to prohibit the sale of liquor within 3 miles of the school in Black Rock, Arkansas.

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The production and sale of alcohol has been a contentious matter in legal and moral affairs for centuries. It is not uncommon that communities would petition to keep liquors away from schools, churches, and other community gathering places. This was frequently done to keep immoral influences away from their families. In this instance, it includes E.J. Irby and his neighbors, all residing within 3 miles of the school house in Black Rock, Lawrence County, Arkansas.


[Page 1] Lawrence County Court
Jany[January] Term 1888 - 1st Day
In the matter of the
Prohibition of the sale
of Liquors within
Three miles of the school
House in Black Rock
On this
day came E.J. Irby in person and presented the petition of
himself and Four Hundred [and]
Ninety Five other aduet(adult) in-
habitants residing within three
miles of the School House
located on Lots 9 [and] 10 of Block
9 in the town of Black Rock in Lawrence County Arkansas
praying that the sale or giv-
ing away of any viauz[vicious]
spiritous[sic] or intoxicating li-
quars[sic]of any kind or any compound or preperation
thereof commonly called tonics
or billers be prohibited with-
in three miles of said school house. and this pe-
tition having been filed
and presued[sic] on this the
[Page 2] first day of the present
term of this Court and
having been fully consider-
ed by the Court and the
Court being satisfied from
oral and written testimony
produced that the said
Four Hundred and Ninety Six
petitioners are a majority
of the adueb[adult] inhabitants re-
siding within three miles
of said school house and
that each and every sig-
nature to said petition
is genuine or duly au-
thorized and that said petitioners are competent
subscribers to said pe-
tition as provided by
law and that the said
town of Black Rock is
not a city of the first
or second class.
It is Therefore ordered
and considered by the
Court that the prayer of said petition be grant-
ed and that the sale of
[Page 3] any viuaus[vicious] spirituous or
intoxicating liquors of any
kind or any Compound
or preperation thereof
Commonly called Tonics or
billers be and the same
hereby is prohibited and de-
clared to be unlawful
within three miles of the
school house located on
lots 9 [and] 10 of Block 9 in
the town of Black Rock
in Lawrence County Ark-
ansas as authorized by
section 4524 of the Di-
gest of the Statutes of
Arkansas 1884.
State of Arkansas
County of Lawrence
I Clay Sloan Clerk
of Circuit Court and Ex
office Clerk of County
Court said County
Certify that the fore-
going is a true and
perfect Copy of our
[Page 4] order of record on
the records of said
Witnesses hand
and sere this
sep[September] 10' 1888
C Sloan
(Sideways Writing) cherrg, ---
not denied
who from a liar

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Document; 12.5" x 8"


Schools; Alcoholic beverages; Law; Petitions; Neighbors

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Black Rock, Lawrence County (Ark.)




MSNE.0075, Box 24, Folder 1341.1

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Lawrence County (Ark.) Eastern District Circuit Court records, MSNE.0075


Arkansas State Archives

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Northeast Arkansas Regional Archives

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Petition, prohibiting liquor near a school house, Lawrence County (Ark.) Eastern District Circuit Court records, Northeast Arkansas Regional Archives, Powhatan, Arkansas.


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