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1945 March 02


This is a student newspaper produced by Hazel Retherford's fifth grade class at Rohwer Relocation Center.

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After December 7, 1943, President Franklin D. Roosevelt created the War Relocation Authority (WRA), which selected ten sites in which to imprison more than 110,000 Japanese Americans, over two-thirds of whom were American citizens. Two of these centers where in the Arkansas Delta, one at Rohwer in Desha County, and the other at Jerome in sections of Chicot and Drew counties. These camps were open from October, 1943, to November, 1945, with over 16,000 Japanese Americans having been incarcerated during that period. The Rohwer Center Cemetery in Desha County, Arkansas, is one of only three Japanese relocation center cemeteries still maintained in the United States. Hazel Linam Retherford was born on January 27, 1906. During World War II, she was a teacher at both the Jerome and Rohwer Japanese relocation centers in Arkansas, eventually helping to close both centers. She later went to Washington, District of Columbia, to complete War Relocation Authority records on the camps.


Dispairing Dispatch
Read it--AND WEEP
March 2, 1945
The editor- Irene, K. W.

Last week in the auditorium
Mr. Sugimoto exhibited his ma
ny works. He has studied man-
y parts of the world and has
pictures of France, New Orlea-
ns, Jerome, and this center a-
mong hese was a picture of
his wife, Susie which we like-
d very much.

Before our class newspa-
paper name was, the Fifth Grade
Eangle. Not is is called "The Dis
paring Dispatch." The newsp
aper staff held a meeting
and decided to change our
name, "Eagles." we voted be-
tween Gremlin Gazette an-
d the Disapairing Dispatch
who one you see.

Accident There was an accident
in the room. Marcia and
Lilly were trying to get
some paper and the bookc-
ase fell ad broke Noriko's
desk. This happened durin
g the morning recess.

The Little Fifth grader

The Dispairing Dispatch Mar. 2, 1945
Page 2
If you ask me what kind
of wather is here, I'll have to name
every kind of weather in the United
States! In Rohwer it rains a
minute then theres sunshine then
it starts to pour again. Isn't it funny
One day it was warm, nearly hot,
and do you know what? I nearly
froze in my bed that night
By Irene Wakamatsu- EdiTor

Extra! Extra!
The Dispairing Dispatch
Published by the Fifth Grade
Every other Friday
Editorial Staff

Editor-in-chief.... Irene Wakamatsu
News Editor.... Tokuo Masuda
Art Editors... Maria R. and Sumiko H.
Ads... Dorothy J and Norma M.
Class- Tatsuo H. and Noble Y.
Center- Robert M. and Isami A.
School Kiyoko U. and Grace O.

A visit to the Ozarks
Johnny Mettor went to the
Ozarks. He went there to visit
his sister, He came back on
Feb. 19, 1945

A Poem
Sam and Jam by James Okadi
Sam and Jam ate their Pie,
On the morning of Fourth of July.
Sam and Jam went to the store,
AlTho they knew their father
would be sore
Sam bought a ring of Gold
Jam put a sign of sold
Sam and Jam took it home
when they went in,
they got a lickin'
So Sam and Jam never went to the store
any more.

A Visitor
A visitory came with Marcia
Ramsdell and Dorothy Johnston on
Feb. 21, 1945. Her name is Barbara
Gould. She came to visit Dorothy
because McGehee School had
a holiday.

Weather Report
In the morning the sky is
gray so we take an umbrella. But
when we take it, it doesn't rain.
Corny weather huh?
The Newspaper Staff

Page 3
The Dispairing Dispatch
Mar. 2, 1945
War News
by Tokuo Masuda
Iwo Jimo Invaded
Iwo Jima was invaded by
U.S. Marines on Feb 17, 1945. The Japs
have put up a bitter battles. Jap losses
are high , but American have Lost
many men in the invasions. There is
bitter fighting. This battle is worse
than Tarawa for the Marines.

Jap losses on Luzon exceeded
92,000 men. Manila is Almost comp
-letely cleared of Japs.

The Swedish ship has arrived
at New York City with over 1,000
Prisoners and inTernees

A law
We have a law. Every time
someone has a hat on in the room
he has to stay after school for five mins.

Shiger went to the Optometrist
And had his eyes examined and came
to school and told us that he needed
Glasses. He changed seats with one
boy so he could sit closer to the bl-

by Donald Osugi
The Leaves
The leaves came sailing down
from the treet above
The wind told of his travels
The leaves said "Tell us more
of your good tales."
The wind told
of the lands that are far away,
And of the marvels along the way
He told of lands beond the sea,
And he said;
"If you wish, I will carry you
to far away lands."
And away they went,
for a year and a day
To see the wonderful things,
and when they came back,
They thanked the wond,
And the wind said,
"You're welcome any time."
By Marcia Ramsdell

[Comic text]
"Starting a
Little Early
Aren't you?"

Page 4
Dispairing Dispatch
Mar. 2, 45

Community Library
Announces change of Hours
After March 1st
Due to shortage of help
the Community Library will
be closed on Wed. afternoons
after the 1st of March. This
will make it possible to
continue having the lib-
rary open on Sat. after-

Community Library
Hours Open
9:00 AM- 2:00 AM Daily
1:00 PM- 5:30 PM Daily
except Wed.
1:00 PM- 5:00 PM Sat.

Books to Read
A Child's History of Ary
by Hillyer and Huey
This book is very inter-
esting. It has many picture
s of real paintings a sta-
tues. I thas three parts,
painting sculpture and
architecture. It tells
of the lives of many
famous men. I thas paint-
ers, such as Apellas, Chin
abue, Giotto, Fra Angelico,
Boticello, and many others.
It has such paintings as
the Sistine Madonna,
Monda Lise and the Last
Supper. It tells of
famous sculptors and
architects and there
are many pictures of
statues and famous build-
ings. I liked it because
it was interesting.

The Forest Pool.
By Laura Adams Armer
The Forest Pool is a very
interesting book.
The book tells of Two
little Mexican boys named
Popo and Diego. They try
to catch a tree lizard
named iguana. They have a


Page 5
Dispairing Dispatch
Mar. 2, 45

Parrot Named Polly who
always is saying "I have
been here before" which
makes her Feel at home.
Diego's Father, who is a
strong silver smith, trie
es to catch the iguana
and he does. Diego is
very happy until the head
vey animal slips from his
arms and runs into the
forest. It is a good book
and I liked it becau-
se of the beautiful
pictures. You may like
it for the same reason.

by Dorothy Hogner
The book Poncho is a story
of a very lazy man. he
gets into a slot of toruble and
just because he has only
only two poses and three
centavus he starts a
dairy and soon they
are rich.
The story was very
interesting and very
funny. It has many pic-
tures but they are not

Diego and Popo
by Marcia

At Home in Any Language
by Marcia Martin
This story tells how
a boy made Friends with
the Mexcians. It shows
how you make friends in
any country. I liked
this story because it
was interesting and
had Mexican words I
could read.

Bill Y.

Page 6
Dispairing Dispatch
March 2, 45

Yesterday March 1, a pa-
ckage of mail from B-
eacond, New York. The packa
ge held about 15 letters.
And a copy of their paper
the "S.S. Times" We were
happy to get it.

The moon wanted to as
k a book,
of the coon,
To see if the month of
Said the cook,
"The month is June,"
And so ended
The conversation
Between the Moon,
And the coon.
Tokuo M.

Indian Guide- I just saw
a lot of big bear tracks mot-
th of here.
Hunter- Good. Show me the
way south.
Boy- Give me a package of birdseed
Clerk- How many birds do you have?
Boy- I don't have any-
I want to grow some.

Polly- I've been for four
years cooking.
Molly- You ought to be
well done by now.

Joe- You left something be-
hind you.
Moe- What?
Joe- Your footprints.

Page 7
Dispairing Dispatch
Mar. 2, 1945

The Sixth Grade
Eaglets The sixth grade Eaglets made
tray cards for the hospital for
George Washington's Birthday
Rosie Tagani has glasses n-
ow. We are proud of that.
Nobie Toyama spent the
day of Feb 2 in McGegee.
We sent copies of our
paper "Junior Outpost" to our
classmates who have reloca-

Miss Gay's Class
The six graders are dra
wing pictures of Mr. Potts
and Corky.

by B. H.

Emiko Naito and Dick
Nauto the Madera Calif. Nobie
Toyama to Los Angeles, Calif.
Raymond Namba to Fowler
Gary Kamikawa and Emi
Kamikawa to New Jersey.
Akira Ouchida to Yer
ington, Nevada
Ann Omita to Illinois.

A JOKE by Gracie O.
Mis Odell
I wonder why Miss Odel
is so happy,
We're better hurry and fin
d out-make it snappy,
Is it because her boyfrie-
nd came back
Or is it because she foun
d a thumb tack!!!

A pair of dimples
If found returned
to Miss C.E. Od

A big voice. Pl
ease claim at
31-6-A Thank

Page 8
Dispairing Dispatch
March 2

Making an
ABC Book
The first grade is goin
g to make an AHC book Th
ey nicest class in school by
being quiet.

The scond grade put on a
Washington play. It was given
for our room. Mrs. Sugimoto, The
Retherford's and kindergarten.
It was enjoyed by all last we
ek a health play was given
by our room. We had a Valen
tine party. It was enjoyed by
all. We had a Valentine box
We have been doing some
finger painting.

A number of the Elem
entary teachers are going
to Monticello, Ark. on Sat. to
attend the Health and Physi-
cal Education meeting. We hope
they will have some good drills
and games for us.

Third Grade News
We are glad to have Jim mie Nagaoka back in school. He
has been out for several week
with a food injury.
Our class has just complete
d a unit on Eskimos. They enjoyed
making a picture show and booklet
Chuje Fujiwara is having
her tonsils removed this week.
Wednesday, Feb 21, was our
clean up day. Our windows
really shine!
May Kuroiwa Kiyoko T
omita, Dalphine Umeda and M-
igeko Ige have not missed a
word in Spellin gduring the
last four weeks.

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Newspaper; 11" x 14"


Japanese; Japanese Americans--Evacuation and relocation, 1942-1945; Internment camps; Military camps; World War, 1939-1945--Concentration Camps--United States--Arkansas; Rohwer Relocation Center (Ark.)


Watsamatsu, Irene K.; Masuda, Tokuo; R., Maria; H., Sumiko; A., Dorothy; M., Norma; H., Tatsuo; Y., Noble; M., Robert; A., Isamu; U., Riyoko; Osugi, Donald; Ramsdell, Marcia; Adams-Armer, Laura;

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McGehee, Desha County (Ark.)




MS.000643, Box 1, Folder 4, Item 2

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Hazel Retherford papers, MS.000643


Arkansas State Archives

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Arkansas State Archives

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Dispairing Dispatch, student newspaper from Hazel Retherford's fifth grade class, Hazel Retherford papers, Arkansas State Archives, Little Rock, Arkansas.


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Hazel Retherford papers MS.000643; Amon Guy Thompson Papers MG04582-MG04586; Austin Smith



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