Handwritten checklist of formal and personal narrative reports, questions regarding the required contents of reports, and information regarding the indexing of reports after they have been collected.

Biographical/Historical Note

After the bombing of Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941, President Franklin D. Roosevelt signed Executive Order 9022, creating the War Relocation Authority (WRA). The WRA selected ten sites in which to imprison more than 110,000 persons of Japanese ancestry, over two-thirds of whom were American citizens. Two of these centers were in the Arkansas Delta, one at Rohwer in Desha County, and the other at Jerome in sections of Chicot and Drew counties. Over 16,000 Japanese Americans were incarcerated in these two centers between October 1942 and November 1945.


Reports Complete Formal Per. Narrative Reference
1. Project Director's Narrative 0 1 Proj Dir
2. Reports Division x 1 1 Rep
3. Legal '' x 1ok 1 Legal
4. Relocation x 4 4 Reloc
5. Community Mgmt. Division x 0 1 Com Mgt.
a. Education Section x 1ok 9 Educ
2. Welfare Section x 1ok 1 Wel
3. Bus. Enterprises Section x 1 0 Bus Ent
4. Health Section x 1 1 Health
5. Community Analysis x 1 1 Com Anal.
6. Community Activities x 1 1 C.A.
7. Internal Secretary x 1 1 Int. Sec.
8. Community Gant. x 1 0 Com. Gant
6 Operations Division x 0 1 Opa
1. Engineering Section x 1 1x1x1x Engi
2. Industry x 0 0 Ind
3. Fire Protection x 1 0 Fire
4. Agriculture x 1ok 1x Agri
5. Motor Transport & Maint. x 1 1 MT&M
7. Administrative Management Div x 0 0 Adm Mgt. Div
1. Office Services Section x 1 1 Off. Ser.
2. Personnel Mgmt. 1 1x1x Pers
3. Finance 1 1x Fisc
Reports Formal Per. Nar. Reference
4. Supply Section x 1 1 Sup
5. Mess Operations x 1ok 1 Mess
6. Evacuee Property x 1 1 Evac Prop
(Inc in Relocation)
7. Statistics x 1ok 1ok Stat
Total 22 29

Index Card Form

1. Subject Heading- Title- e.g.- Extra curricular activities
2. Author & Title of the report- e.g.- Beasley- Educ
3. page -e.g.-8


NATURE: 1. Significant details
2. Evidences of Techniques that worked
3. Descriptions of mestaken --> eventual solutions
4. Resumable & constructine cuticisons


Substance of the Personal Narrative Report:
1. What happened when you tried & carry out policy- What Worked? What didn't work?
2. What factors made a particular program a success or a failure?
3. What was you job?
4. What did you accomplish?
5. How did you do it?
6. What would you do or not do if you had it all to do over again?

1. Do we separate the "personal narratives" and the
"formal staticized-fuctional" reports for binding?
2. Do we index the formal statstical-functional reports?
3. In the event the personal narratives are bound separately
are pages & he numbers consecultively for all reports
for each report separately?
4. Would a Table of Contents for each of the 2 volumes
be helpful or necessary?
5. Should we hind the personal narratives into one volume
or leave them separate as received?
Report- Indexing TRICE

1. Reports to be indexed- Sec I, Subsec. A&M, Exhibit XXVI, 140,10,1B
Handbook of Center- Rev. 28 Feb '45
a. Activity Reports- varied & casual- personal narrative
b. Indexing to be acc. to nature of materials c. Single index
(1) Evidences of techniques which worked
(2) Descriptions of mistakes -> eventual solutions
(3) Reasonable suggestions & constructive criticism
2. Purpose
a. Help for future adm. of secular programs
(1) Subject haeading
(2) Title, author of report} cards
(3) page } cards

3. Nature
a. Concensus} summarize & interpret
b. Usefulness} do not report

4.Term of Report
a. Project Director's personal narrative
b. Staff member
c. Formal statistical functional reports by divisions

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Index, 8.5" x 11"


Relocation camps; Japanese Americans--Evacuation and relocation, 1942-1945; World War, 1939-1945--Concentration Camps--United States--Arkansas; Administrative agencies

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McGehee, Desha County (Ark.)




MS.000261, Box 1, Folder 3, Item 2

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John Albert Trice collection, MS.000261


Arkansas State Archives

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Arkansas State Archives

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Administrative Report checklist and instructions, John Albert Trice collection, Arkansas State Archives, Little Rock, Arkansas.


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Additional Content

Hazel Retherford papers, MS.000643; Amon Guy Thompson papers, MG04582-MG04586; Austin Smith papers, 1942-1945, MG04350; Beauty Behind Barbed Wire: The Arts of the Japanese in Our War Relocation Camps, MG01299; Community Analysis Reports and Community Analysis Trend Reports of the War Relocation Authority, 1942-1946, MG03846-MG03847; Japanese Camp papers, MG03848-MG03869



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Administrative Report checklist and instructions