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1861 February 04


Letter from J.W. Talkington in Hebron, Arkansas, to David C. Williams about whether the country will remain together through a compromise and to send supplies to him by boat as soon as possible.


[Page 1] J.W. Talkington
Feb 4
no 14 Hebron Ark. Feb. 4/61
Friend Williams
Dear sir
On friday night last I received
your second letter in relation
to the important question--"the
dissolution of the union"--
Would have answered you
first immediately if I could have
said anything authoritatively
that would have answered any
valuable purpose, but while
the many important changes
and alarming developments
are being rapidly made, I am
now, as I have been since I
came here most busily engaged
in the filling up a little home
(for as yet I have moved) and have
had no time to hear the news
[Page 2] except from travelers, which
is always according to their
peculiar views, hence contra-
-dictory and uncertain
However, it is certainly
proper and right to remain
in the union as long as we
can with honor to ourselves
as a state, but how much
has been done in the way
of depriving us of our rights
remains for me to learn
and this much I must learn
before I can be prepared to
go out o the union
Will be glad to receive the
address of which you spoke
in your last, and if it meets
my views, will circulate as
as many copies as you send
the only candidate of which
I have any knowledge in this
[Page 3] county called on us and
most cordially consents
that the action of the Convention
shall be submitted to the people
for their decision before it shall
be binding.
I hope conciliatory
steps will soon be taken, the
gathering storm be averted
and our once happy but now
confused and distracted Country
restore to tranquility and pros-
-perity, and for this and this only
while there is room for footholds
let us live and labor
Kind regards to you and yours
J.W. Talkington
NB. Please send by the first boat
one kegg of 8" nails 1/2 Ream
[Page 4] of paper like this shut or nearly
so, 1/2 kegg of tobacco worth
about 25 ¢ a plug one barrel
of sugar and one sack
of coffee. If you cannot
fill the Bill now you must
as soon as you can
pay the freight if you will
and charge to me
The river is up and still rising
Yes! send the things which we
sent for, whom John Perry
was up especially the
rolled iron for my fire
Here is the stage &
here is the address of D.C.
Will I read it_adopt
it I will circulate it

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Letter, 4 pages, 7.75" x 9.5"


Correspondence; War; Political conventions; Civil War; Secession


J.W. Talkington

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Hebron, Cleveland County (Ark.)




MS.000086, Folder 51

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Clara Bertha Eno collection, MS.000086


Arkansas State Archives

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Arkansas State Archives

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Letter, J.W. Talkington to David C. Williams, Clara Bertha Eno collection, Arkansas State Archives, Little Rock, Arkansas.


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