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1861 January 12


Letter from Col. Daniel Griffin of the 8th Regiment, Ark. Militia to Gov. Henry M. Rector. Contains poll book, "Hempstead Riflemen" with list of elected officers and volunteers.


[Page 1] Poll-Book
Of a special Election held in the township of Ozan
in the county of Hempstead State of Arkansas, on Sat-
-urday night, the same being the 12th day of January AD
1861 for the following officers of a volunteer
Rifle Company formed in Washington Ark viz
For one Captain
" " 1st" Lieutenant
" " 2nd" do
" " 3" do
" " Orderly Sergeant
" " 1st do
" " 2nd do
" " 1 Surgeon
" " 1 Quartermaster
To his Excellency
Henry M. Rector
Governor of Arkansas
I herby certify that at an election held
in the town of Washington Hempstead County Ark
on Saturday the 12th January 1861, due notice
of the time and place having previously been
designated by me, the following name & persons
were such elected officers of the volunteer
company called the "Hempstead Riflemen" viz
John R. Gratiot was elected Captain
Dan. W. Jones " " 1st Leutenant
Benj. P. Jitt Jr. " " 2" do
George Taylor " " 3" do
James P. Erwin " " Orderly Sergeant
and Joseph M Simms " " Quartermaster
N.G.Smith " " Surgeon that said
election was lead in all subjects in accordance with law
Daniel Griffin Col. Commandant
GU Reg Ark. Militia
[Page 2]No. Name of Voter
1 R.G. Jennings
2 Sam H. Wiliiams
3 A.B. Cox
4 Geo. Taylor
5 James P. Erwin
6 James W. Williams
7 Geo. W. Sandifar
8 James Sandifar
9 Joel W. Thomas
10 M. Wiseberg
11 W.C. Smith
12 B.F. Vanghan
13 C.E.Royston
14 A.F.Little
15 J.F.Davis
16 B.D. Chase
17 D.W. Jones
18 J.M. Simms
19 Thos. Vanghan
20 C.B. Owsley
21 H. Burt Williams
22 E.B. Baskin
23 M.L. Langston
24 W.R. Jacobs
25 W.W. Weldon
26 J.M. Elliston
27 J.N. Ellis
28 John Graham
29 C.B. Etter
30 Geo A Davis
31 John F. Vanghan
32 B.P. Jitt Jr.
33 A.S. Namen
[Page3:]No. Name of Voter
34 Auston M. Lain
35 Charles Pryton
36 Thos. H. Simms
37 A. C. Baird
38 John H. {H}ealy
39 H.E. Burt
40 W.C. Bryant
41 W.C. Thomas
42 W.S. Burt
43 John G.B. Simms
44 W.S. Worsham
45 J.E. Borden
46 W.A. Alexander
47 W.B. Stuart
48 R.M. Purdom
49 James M. M. Elsoy
50 J.R. Gratiot
51 J.P. Graham
52 W. Whitford
53 C. Sandi{h}
54 J.S. Scott
55 W.H. Wilson
56 J. M. Nomood
57 {Saml} Ogden
58 Ed. Dawman
[Page 4]For Captain
John R Gratiot recieved X 47 votes
For 1st Lieutenant
J.M. Simms " 25"
D.W. Jones " X 26"
For 2nd Lieutenant
B.P. Jitt Jr. " X 45"
For 3rd Lieutenant
J.M. Elliston " 18"
Geo. Taylor " x 32"
For Orderly Sergeant
James P. Erwin " x 43 "
C.B. Owsley " 7 "
For 1st Sergeant
C.B. Etter " 15"
C.B. Owsley " 2"
H.F. Davis " x 20"
J.E. Borden " 9"
For 2nd Sergeant
C.B. Eller " x 25"
C.B. Owsley " 11"
J. E. Borden " 4"
For Quartermaster
J.M.Simms " x 32"
H. E. Burt " 9"
For Surgeon H.C. Smith " X 35"
R.G. Jennings " 10"
Certified to under our honor this 12th day
of January AD 1861
H.E. Burt
J.G.B. Simms Sam. Ogden
W.S.W. Worsham (Com.) W.A. Alexander (Judges)

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Letter, 4 pages, 12.75" x 8"


Correspondence; War; Military personnel


Colonel Daniel Griffin

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Washington, Hempstead County (Ark.); Little Rock, Pulaski County (Ark.)




MS.000132, Series II, Item 107b

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Kie Oldham collection, MS.000132


Arkansas State Archives

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Arkansas State Archives

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Poll book from Griffin, Daniel to Governor Henry M. Rector, Kie Oldham collection, Arkansas State Archives, Little Rock, Arkansas.


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Poll book from Griffin, Daniel to Governor Henry M. Rector