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1861 May 18


Letter from James S. Rainey, James T. Elliott, and G.H. Gordan in Camden to Gov. Henry Rector in regards to confiscated goods by the Vigilante Committee. This Committee believes that any goods from supporters of the North should be taken. They ask what should be done with said goods.


[Page 1] Camden May 18th 1861
To his Excellency H M Rector
Little Rock
Dear Sir
The committee of
vigilinces[sic] of this Town has taken charge
of a stock of goods which from the best
information we can obtain belongs
a party or parties in the city of Van Buren
this action was taken from the fact that
we supposed that the States want to confiscate
all property belonging to parties in
the northern State, Therefore we [illegible]
[illegible] for instruction in this matter
as we do not wish [illegible] the state able
unnecessarily or the Committe of Vigilances
who appoint us a subcommitee to take
charge of said stock of goods. You will
please give us the desired information
at an early day as we have not
[Page 2] as yet gone to this expence[sic]] of taken[sic] our
account of stock. We suppose the goods
to be worth from $6 to 8000. Then we[sic] in the
possession of [a] Dutch Jew named Welle
Newman & supposed to belong to [illegible] New
man of the North Yours truly
J.S. Rainey
Jas. Elliott
G.H. Gordan

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Letter, 2 pages, 10" x 7.75"


Correspondence; Civil War; Vigilance


James T. Elliot

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Camden, Ouachita County (Ark.)




MS.000132 Series II, Item 48

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Kie Oldham collection, MS.000132


Arkansas State Archives

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Arkansas State Archives

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Letter, James T. Elliot to Governor Henry M. Rector, Kie Oldham collection, Arkansas State Archives, Little Rock, Arkansas.


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Letter, James T. Elliot to Governor Henry M. Rector