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1861 March 31


Letter from James Greig to David C. Williams about the surprise of Greig's last letter being sent to the press as well as ideas to get more subscriptions for the paper in Union candidates support.


[Page 1] March 31th 1861
My Dear Sir
I recd. two letters from you last mail, and
while I return you thanks for your civility in writing so
promptly to me, I must at the same be presented to tell
you, that it was with no small degree of astonishment that
I learned, that you had determined to publish my last
letter-you must be aware sir, that it was written with
all the freedom, and in all the confidence, of undisguised
friendship, consequently not fit for the public eye. The idea
of as obscure and as iliterate an individual as myself, attacting
or animadvirting[sic] on the conduct, of the literary Leviathan of
the True Democrat, is in my opinion, superlatively ridiculous
moreover the phraseology would be a sure indix[sic] to the author,
for the foregoing reasons you will oblige me by suppressing
it. I will receive the motive that prompted you as an apology
for this offence-you wish me to obtain subscribers for the
Press, that would be a dificult undertaking indeed, most of
the people in this vicinity are poor, some are stingy, others
have no taste for reading, some would read if you
would furnish them with papers gratas-if you would
not consider me intrusive-I would suggest a plan,
that would in my opinion work better-it is this, comm-
ence three or four weeks before the Election and distribute
gratuitously in a number of neighborhoods your papers, by
directing packages to good human men that would take
an interest in the result of the Election-for instance
Mortan P.M. at the Dam-I have no hesitation in offering
to contribute my mite to so laudable an interprise
[Page 2] I do not know a single disinterest in this vicinity. I give
it as my opinion, that the secessionists will be infinately[sic]
worse beaten in Aug. then they were last Election, the
people understand the subject much better now
and morover[sic], last Election some of the secession
candidates were personaly[sic] popular more, and no doubt
rec. many votes on that account-one more reason
and I have done-next Election will be at a leasure[sic]
season of the year, and the voters will turn out better
let us all do our duty, and all will be well-
now sir, if you think I have been uncivil chastise
me, if presumptuous deny me-but, after mingling
them all in one, if you find one grain of insecurity
then I am not
your friend
Jas. Greig
D.C. Williams Esq.

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James Greig





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Letter, James Greig to David C. Williams