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1820 March 28


This document is a deed of sale between Daniel Ashabranner and Banard Rogan for the sum of two hundred and fifty dollars in exchange for land and improvements [i.e. buildings, fences].

Biographical/Historical Note

Daniel Ashabranner was semi- or fully illiterate, based on his inability to sign his own name. At the time, partial literacy was fairly common as education wasn't as accessible as it is today. Legal documents such as this deed were often written by a clerk, lawyer, or other third party to the transaction.


This indenture made and entired[sic] into this twenty
ninth day of January one thousand eight
hundred and twenty by and between Daniel
Ashabranner of the Teritory[sic] of Arkansas and
County of Lawrence of the one part and Banard
Rogan of the Teritory and County aforesaid of
the other part Witnisseth[sic] that the said Daniel
Ashabranner hath Bargained and sold and by these
presents doth bargain and Sell unto the said Barnard
Rogan his hiers and assigns for ever for and in
Consideration of the Sum of Two hundred and fifty
dollars to him in hand paid the receipt of which
is here by acknowledged all the right title
intrest[sic] and the D. Ashabranner has in and to
a certain improvement Situate[sic] on the north
side of the glazicamaw[sic] Creek ajoining the
big lick being the place whereon --- the said Asha
branner hath actually risided[sic] and cultivated - - -
the year 1813 to this present date in Teritory and
County afore said and I the Said Ashabranner
do hereby maintain the afore Said improvement
to hold the right of preemption to have and
to hold the Said Bargained and Sold premises unto
the Said Barnard Rogan his hiers and assigns
for ever in Testimony where of the said
Daniel Ashabranner has hereunto Set his hand
and Seal this day and year above writen[sic]
Daniel [his mark] Ashabranner
James Strickl--d
Jepe Cheek
Arkansas Territory Lawrence County
Be it remembred that on the 5 --- ---
--- in the year of our Lord one thousand
eight hundred and twenty personally
appeared before me William Hix a justice
of the peace for and within the County
afore said. Daniel Ashabraner[sic] and acknow=
ledged the foregoing deed or instrument
of writing for the land and premises there
mentioned and thereby barganied and sold
to be the right and estate of Barnard
Rogan his heirs and assigns for ever
----en and certified the day and date
above written[sic]
William Hix JG[JP Justice of the Peace]
Filed 28th march 1820
Record fees 56
Certificate and seal 30
Arkansas Territory
Lawrence County
on the 28th day of march
1820 the within deed of
Conveyance was recivd[sic] for record and
The same is recorded in Book B
folio 187 and 188

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Document, 12.5" x 7.5"


Farms; Frontier and pioneer life; Land; Land use; Law


Lawrence County Circuit Court

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Lawrence County (Ark.)




MSNE.0077, Box 1, Folder 1820, Item 2

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Lawrence County (Ark.) land records, MS.0077


Arkansas State Archives

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Northeast Arkansas Regional Archives

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Deed, Daniel Ashabranner to Banard Rogan, Northeast Arkansas Regional Archives, Powhatan, Arkansas.


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Deed, Daniel Ashabranner to Banard Rogan