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This is a summary of the court case between William Fowler and George Harris, including the jury's verdict in favor of the defendant.

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Canoes were an important mode of transportation in territorial Arkansas because rivers were the original highways. Unlike other early river crafts, the canoe had a unique advantage in that it could navigate both upstream and downstream, and in narrow waterways. Most barges and rafts were only capable of going downstream. As a result, a well-made canoe could be a particularly valuable asset.


William Fowler
George D. Harris In An Action of Controversy about a canoe
Summons you, the twenty fourth day of July and returned the fourth
day of August the parties met and agreed between them selves[sic] to leave
the trial to a Jury of three men namely Clarender Hooper, James Bridges
and Thomas Black then after the jury and witness was sworn the
witness was examined and saith[sic] that he the said witness was to have
the canoe if he liked her and that said witness and plaintiff in said
pact went and viewed the canoe and said witness agreed to take the
canoe and the aforesaid plaintiff agreed to deliver the canoe at town
or the ferry then afterward lend the canoe to aboat[sic] man and
never delivered the canoe then they jury found for the defendant
James Boyd
plaintiff - - -
Justice fees, Issuing summons 25
Issuing subpoena[sic] 25
Issuing D! on the day of trial 25
Issuing Summons for Jury 25
Swaring[sic] Jury 18 3/4
Sworn witness 6 1/4
Judgment 25
Constable fees
swerving summons 37 1/2
mileage 10
Serving subpoena[sic] 12 1/2
milage[sic] 60
Summoning Jury 37 1/2
milage 10
witness attendance 25
mileage 36
Jury attendance 75
Execution 50
Issues the 28 day of August 1824
A copy from my records, James Boyd

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James Boyd

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