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A legal appeal made by William Fowler who alleges that the judgement made by a Justice of the Peace in favor of Edward McDonald was wrong.


William Fowler v. Edward McDonald: In the circuit Court for Lawrence
County Arkansas Territory November
term year eighteen hundred ninetee
n - - - of the proceedings and
judgement from Justice Harris Jarrett
to wit:
And now the said Fowler in court by his attorney says
that in the proceedings had before said Justice in this case
and also in the giving the judgement[sic] in this case there
is rampant error in this[.] To wit that in the said proceed
ings and judgement had before said Justice there are many
est[sic] irregularities and this said William saith[sic] that judge
ment ought to have been given for the said William
Fowler against the said Edward and the said wills[?]
and prays that the judgment aforesaid for the error
aforesaid and other errors in the said proceedings and
judgment aforesaid may be reversed annulled and altogeth
er held for nothing and that said William may - - -
now to all things which he hath - - - of said
judgment and for aforesaid causes of prior hence assigns the following
1 - the summons does not pursue the law and is vacant[?] from the procee
dings had on the jacket
2 the costs are accessive[sic] and - - - warranted by law
3 the admission[sic] of Reeves addifavit as a legal deposition is irregular
and illegal-
4 There appears to have been a proceeding had on three separate accounts
separately - no legal day is set for two
J Rainey Attorney
for W Fowler

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Lawrence County (Ark.) Circuit Court records, MSNE.0070


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Legal appeal, Fowler v. McDonald