The Arkansas Confederate Home was established in 1890 by the Ex-Confederate Association of Arkansas to care for the needs of indigent Confederate soldiers and their widows. The nursing home occupied a remodeled residence near Sweet Home, south of Little Rock, on sixty acres of land purchased by the association. When the Arkansas Legislature established a $10,000 annual appropriation for the upkeep of the home in 1891, the Association deeded the property to the State. A new building was constructed in 1892 and by 1915 the institution housed 130 residents. In the following years occupancy declined. In 1955, a new, smaller Confederate Home was built on the grounds of the Deaf and Blind schools in Little Rock. In 1961, with only eight residents remaining, the Legislature voted to close the Home and transfer the remaining patients to nursing homes. The Home was closed in 1963 and the building use transferred to the Blind and Deaf schools.

This collection consists of records of male and female residents of the Arkansas Confederate Home, as well as the Home's registry. Files contain applications, correspondence with relatives, discharges, obituaries, notifications of next of kin, burial instructions, and death certificates. The records are listed in alphabetical order by the patient's last name. The register contains names of patients, dates admitted, dates discharged, dates of death, and related information.


Submissions from 2020

Abbott, Mrs. Martha Caroline

Akin, Mrs. Mary

Anderson, Mrs. Nancy Belle

Arnold, Mary Elizabeth

Arnold, Olivia

Babb, Mary J.

Bates, Mollie McGough

Beasley, Mrs. R.F.

Bishop, Jasper Reynolds

Blount, Mrs. Beanetta

Bobo, Mrs. Gertie

Bobo, Mrs. Wm. J.

Brown, Jim N.

Brown, John N.

Byrd, Lydia A.

Campbell, Mrs. Anna

Cane, J.B.

Carter, Joshua M.

Cater, Mr. M. T.

Chambers, Mrs. Louisa J.

Chapman, David D.

Chastain, T.J.

Chevalier, Henry F.

Clark, Mrs. A.B.

Clary, Mrs. Mary J.

Clayton, R.P.

Clift, Nancy Welch

Cody, B.F.

Cook, Mrs. Florence

Cook, Richmond N.

Cook, Robert C.

Cooper, Mary J.

Coppleman, George F.

Corbett, Reverend R.R.

Corbett, S.D.

Cothren, James M.

Cotton, Benjamin T.L.

Cotton, Mrs. A.E.

Cottrell, W.J.

Covey, A.

Cowell, Mrs. Susie V.

Cozart, Mrs. Nancy Ervin

Crabtree, James

Craig, Mrs.

Craig, Mrs. Joseph H.

Crane, Jas A.

Crim, Josphine

Crossin, Sam J.

Crow, Mrs. Dana

Crutcher, James George

Culver, Luella Ann

Daniel, Mrs. G. W.

Daniels, Mrs. Louisa

Danley, Fannie J.

Davis, A.H.

Davis, J.W.

Davis, Mrs. Mary Pritchett

Dehart, E.P.

Dendy, W.C.

Deskin, Sam R.

Dillinger, Dr. A.

Dockery, J.C.

Dollarhide, Mrs. T.B.

Donaldson, Mrs. Synthia D.

Drea, Mrs. Ella

Dula, Mrs. Ella H.

Duncan, R.Y.

Dunford, Jim W.

Dyer, J.B.

Dykes, William

Eanes, John O.

Easley, Charles

Eason, James

Elam, Josiah

Elmore, Jane

Emerson, J.M.

Emerson, Mrs. J.M.

English, Henry C.

Eppes, William J.

Farmer, B.F.

Farmer, Rachle C.

Farris, D.B.

Farris, R.M.

Faulkner, D.B.

Faulkner, Mrs. D.B.

Faulkner, R.A.

Fennel, Julia L.

Ferguson, Alfred M.

Ferguson, Mrs. A.M.

Few, Ignatious S.

Fiedling, James Marion

Flemming, Mrs. M.M.

Ford, Mrs. Amanda

Forshay, Jesse H.

Foster, G.F.

Foster, Mrs. Maggie

Franklin, Mrs. Irene Cloyd

Freeman, William J.

Frisby, A.G.

Fryar, Henry